Ernesto Capello
  • Ernesto Capello
  • Director of Latin American Studies & Professor of History
  • Andes, cultural history, art and architecture, transnationalism, cartography, transhemispheric imaginaries, urban history, colonial narratives and nostalgia, and Amazonia
  • 651-696-6772
Fernanda H. Bartolomei-Merlin
Erika Busse-Cárdenas
Eric D. Carter
  • Eric D. Carter
  • Edens Professor of Geography and Global Health
  • He is a medical geographer, with connected interests in people-environment geography and historical geography, and a regional focus on Latin America.
  • 651-696-6704
Amy Damon
  • Amy Damon
  • Associate Professor of Economics
  • Rural and agricultural development, economic development, education in developing countries, and Central America-U.S. migration
  • 651-696-6862
Paul Dosh
  • Paul Dosh
  • Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Comparative politics, Latin American politics, urban social movements
  • 651-696-6776
Olga González
  • Olga González
  • Associate Professor of Anthropology
  • Cultural anthropology, memory and secrecy, truth and reconciliation, violence and subjectivity, Latin America
  • 651-696-6589
Gonzalo Guzmán
Xavier Haro-Carrión
  • Xavier Haro-Carrión
  • Assistant Professor of Geography
  • Land and vegetation change across spatial and/or temporal scales, forest and biodiversity conservation specially in human-impacted landscapes, Tropical Andes, Ecuador.
  • 651-696-6327
Alicia Muñoz
  • Alicia Muñoz
  • Associate Professor of Spanish & Portuguese
  • Contemporary Latin American narrative, popular culture, gender studies, border studies, and U.S. Latino/a literature
  • 651-696-6509
Margaret (Molly) Olsen
  • Margaret (Molly) Olsen
  • Professor of Spanish & Portuguese
  • Trans-Atlantic literatures of the 16th and 17th centuries, and colonial and contemporary Afro-Caribbean texts
  • 651-696-6885
  • she/her/ella
Ernesto Ortiz Díaz
Mario Solis-Garcia

Not Currently Teaching

Jim Stewart
Emeriti Faculty