Reminder: Larger mailings should be brought to Mailing Services by your individual office.

Incoming department mail and packages

Incoming mail is sorted when received and normally put in the department box the day received. Mail for administrative departments is normally delivered the day received.

USPS packages are logged in and delivered to the departments normally the day received. Packages from other carriers are received in Central Stores and normally delivered the day received.

If you have any special or oversized shipments please contact us via telephone at 651-696-6294 or via email at  prior to its arrival.

Please include a tracking number (not the order number) when making any inquiries.

Department Stamp Purchases

Departments may purchase stamps by using a Pcard.

If you need larger amounts or have special stamp requests, please contact us in advance via telephone at 651-696-6294 or via email at  to ensure we have the items in stock.

Metered Mail Specifications

Department mail or packages to be metered may be brought to the Mailing Services window or put in the “Mail to be metered/Campus mail” slot. Any mail to be metered that is put in the outgoing mail slot will be returned for postage by USPS and given to the department for re-mailing.

Mail to be metered should have a Macalester return address

  • Please attach a Meter Mail Requisition Form with a paper clip or rubber band.
  • If you are unsure of your speed code please contact us via telephone at 651-696-6294 or via email at  .

Items without a return address and/or a Meter Requisition Form may have to be opened and returned to the department.

  • Mail to be metered should be at Mailing Services before 3 p.m.
  • When addressing envelopes, please leave a clear zone ” from the bottom and 4¾” from the right edge
  • Envelopes with a metal clasp will need the clasp covered with tape.
  • Mail over 13 ounces should be designated Media Mail, Parcel Post, Priority or Priority Express. Packages not designated will be mailed at the Priority Rate.
  • All packages will require a tracking number (letters and flats are excluded).
  • If you have multiple packages, contact Mailing Services via telephone at 651-696-6294 or via email at  for tracking number labels.
  • Mail should be addressed clearly and properly.
  • Large envelopes/packages should be properly sealed.
  • Envelopes requiring sealing will need any items fully in the envelope and envelopes nested with flaps open. (You may have the flaps closed for envelopes needing sealing, but all envelopes will need to be the same and none can be sealed)
  • Envelopes with odd shaped and/or large flaps cannot be sealed on the meter.
  • Flyers and folded cards must have a closing tab on the bottom/top and sides. The item may get caught and/or damaged in machinery while metering here or during processing at the postal service.

International Mail/Packages

  • International mail will need to be separated and labeled as such. If international mail is mixed with domestic, it may not be caught and will be returned to us for the additional postage, causing a delay.
  • International items over 1 pound will need a Customs Form filled out online at  (You will need the weight of the item.)
  • Items that do not have a Customs Form (if required) will be returned. If in doubt, please ask.