Accent is a publication for sharing music, news and for building community. 

Accent emphasizes the musical work being done by those connected to Macalester Music—students, faculty or alumni. Roughly each month we dive a little deeper on one particular musical endeavor being done, and provide context to the extraordinary stories that intersect with music.

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Volume 2: Issue 5: Accent on Lauri Nichols
A fond farewell for Lauri Nichols’ in celebration of her retirement after more than 30 years teaching at Macalester.
Published April, 2022.

Volume 2: Issue 4: Accent on Spring Concerts
A comprehensive list of all the concerts from Macalester Music Department in Mairs Concert Hall.
Published February, 2022.


Collage of music students graduating in 2022.

Volume 2: Issue 3: Accent on Seniors
Our senior majors and minors come to us from around the globe, and with a wide variety of academic and musical interests, and we’d like to introduce some of them here.
Published December, 2021.

Volume 2: Issue 2: Accent on Interpreting Bach
Mark Mazullo and Claudia Chen perform and discuss J.S. Bach and why students, performers, and audiences are still drawn to his works, nearly 300 years after they were written.
Published October, 2021.


Volume 2: Issue I: Accent on African Music with Sowah Mensah
Director of African Music Sowah Mensah discusses playing and teaching West African music, and reflects on his own experiences as a music learner and educator.
Published September, 2021.


Volume I: Issue 4: Accent on Concerto Competition
Meet the winners of the 2021 concerto competition, vocalist Elinor Jones and violinist Kayla Schang, and watch highlights from the concerto recital performance.
Published May, 2021.

Volume I: Issue 3: Accent on Ethnomusicology
Hear Professor Chuen-Fung Wong discuss his work in ethnomusicology and give a demonstration of the rawap, an instrument he learned while doing field research among the Uyghur people.
Published March, 2021.

Electronic Music Concert title page from Dec 2019
Volume I: Issue 2: Accent on Electronic Music
Watch a performance of student compositions from Electronic Music class taught by Reid Kruger or read an interview with Reid to learn more about how the course works.
Published February, 2021.

Performance photo of Medea. Two actors face each other, one actor is bent back with arm extended down, other actor is upright in a wide stance with one arm up and other arm holding first actor.Volume I, Issue I: Accent on Medea
Watch the performance, read the program notes or a behind-the-scenes interview with Mark Mandarano and Harry Waters, Jr. as they discuss the process of how it all came together.
Published January, 2021.