Evaluation Process

  • Studio instructors will be evaluated each semester by their students.
  • At the conclusion of the performance review, each student will be given the Studio Instructor Evaluation Form and will fill out the form before leaving the review. 
  • Those students taking studio instruction but not required to do a performance review (i.e., non-majors/minors) will be sent a Studio Instructor Evaluation Form (either as an email document or via campus mail) and will be asked to return it promptly for consideration in the review process.
  • These evaluations will be collected and passed on to the chair, and then may be passed along to the Music Department faculty according to these specifications: instrumental (Mark Mandarano), vocal (Mike McGaghie), non-Western instruments (Chuen-Fung Wong), jazz (Randy Bauer), piano (Mark Mazullo), and then will go to the studio instructors. 
  • A copy will also be kept on file in the Music Department. 
  • Faculty members will be available for individual meetings with any studio instructor concerned about or wishing to discuss these evaluations. 
  • Evaluations will be kept anonymous to the fullest extent possible.

Evaluation Goals

  • These evaluations are meant to provide constructive feedback to the instructors, and to provide the department with a somewhat clearer sense of how our studio instruction faculty are working with students. 
  • The Department recognizes that student input is only one part of evaluation and assessment. 
  • All studio instructors are welcome both to provide the Department Chair with ongoing updates of their professional and teaching activities, and to meet with the Chair to discuss their teaching at Macalester. 
  • Should any information obtained from student evaluations lead the Department faculty to seek more information, further steps such as individual meetings or teaching observation may be taken.