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Christman’s Bulletins

Mr Christman’s Bulletins

Issue No. Date Title Season Subject
1 1/24/1972 The Blue List All Bird species that are declining in numbers
2 2/14/1972 Bird-Nesting at Ordway Spring Improving nesting conditions at Ordway
3 3/17/1972 Nature Trails at Ordway All Reasons for and descriptions of trails
4 4/4/1972 Bluebirds at Ordway All Bluebird nesting patterns
5 4/17/1972 Bird-banding at Ordway All Why we band birds and what you can do to help
6 5/17/1972 Independent Student at Ordway All Independent study opportunities and importance
7 10/30/1972 Bird-banding at Ordway (2) Fall Bird-banding update and proposition for help
8 11/6/1972 The Oaks at Ordway Fall Oak leaves and growth
9 12/23/1972 Winter Voices at Ordway Fall Oak leaves and growth
10 3/14/1973 The Grasslands at Ordway Spring Former uses of the prairie
11 4/27/1973 Erosion and Foot-paths at Ordway All Walking the less steep path
12 7/30/1973 The Ponds at Ordway:  I) The Permanent Pond Summer Pond dimensions, eutrophication, fowl and the pond
13 8/31/1973 Disturbed Areas at Ordway Summer Disturbance plants, rebalancing disturbed areas
14 9/30/1973 The Watercress Beds at Ordway All Watercress at the spring site
15 10/12/1973 Hunting at Ordway Fall Hunting forbidden at Ordway
16 11/5/1973 The Metric System at Ordway N/A Use of the metric system at Ordway
17 12/3/1973 Snowmobiles at Ordway Winter Ill effects of snowmobiling on rodent populations
18 1/22/1974 Solitude at Ordway Winter Lack of sounds
19 2/8/1974 Winter Birds at Ordway Winter Migratory and non-migratory birds
20 3/1/1974 Ponds Spring Formation, uses, and ecology of OMPC
21 4/1/1974 Foot Trails at Ordway Spring Facets of the trail system
22 5/3/1974 A Robin’s Nest at Ordway Spring Story of a robin’s nest
23 6/3/1974 Feral Animals at Ordway All Impacts of escaped domestic animals
24 1974 A Walk at Ordway Summer Encouraged uses of Ordway trails
25 9/4/1974 A Death at Ordway All The history of a specific Box Elder
26 10/1/1974 The Ponds at Ordway:  III) River Lake All Formation, uses, and ecology of River Lake
27 11/13/1974 Chersonese at Ordway All Botany and ecology of the penisula
28 12/13/1974 Birds of Prey at Ordway Winter Hawks, eagles, and owl behaviors
29 2/3/1975 Orchids at Ordway Spring Orchids
30 3/17/1975 Winter-flies at Ordway Winter Face flies and cluster flies winter activities
31 4/1/1975 April Harbingers at Ordway Spring Signs of spring
32 5/28/1975 The Railroads at Ordway All Effects of railroads
33 1975 Visitors at Ordway Summer Visitors, past and future
34 9/24/1975 The Herbarium at Ordway N/A Description of herbarium
35 10/23/1975 A Monarch at Ordway Fall An encounter with a monarch butterfly
36 11/25/1975 Between the Tracks at Ordway All Botany of the area between the tracks
37 2/9/1976 Communications at Ordway N/A Visitation procedure
38 2/23/1976 A Hole in the Snow at Ordway Winter Don’t let the cold keep you from looking around
39 3/17/1976 The Glaciers at Ordway N/A Effects of glaciers
40 5/2/1976 A Spring Flower at Ordway Spring Rue anemone
41 6/1/1976 Graduation Day at Ordway Spring Eastern bluebirds leave the nest
42 7/1/1976 Grass Fires at Ordway S/S Causes and effects of fires
43 8/2/1976 The Blue List at Ordway N/A Listing of Endangered Bird Species
44 9/27/1976 Quiet Resident at Ordway (1) Winter Deer mice
45 10/22/1976 The Trails and Facilities at Ordway S/S Reasons to visit Ordway
46 11/29/1976 The Elms at Ordway Fall Elm Trees
47 12/15/1976 Urban Sprawl at Ordway N/A Suburban encroachment
48 1/10/1977 Bird Banding at Ordway N/A Explanation and justification for bird banding
49 2/14/1977 Pig’s Eye Lake’s Influence at Ordway S/S Ordway’s relationship with rookeries of Pig’s Eye Lake
50 3/17/1977 Shrikes at Ordway Winter Carnivorous lifestyles of shrikes
51 4/1/1977 An Unbanded Junco at Ordway Spring Deadly encounter between a hawk and a junco
52 4/15/1977 The Blue List at Ordway – An Update (III) N/A Listing of Endangered Bird Species
53 5/3/1977 Quiet Resident at Ordway (II) N/A Pocket gopher niche
54 1977 Snow-Bound at Ordway Winter Description of a snow storm
55 9/7/1977 Rabbits at Ordway All Rabbit interactions and activities
56 9/20/1977 Signs at Ordway N/A No trespassing and trail signs
57 10/5/1977 Quiet Resident at Ordway (III) Winter Owls
58 10/20/1977 Winter Preparation at Ordway Fall Salamander hibernation and preparation
59 11/2/1977 A Walking Stick at Ordway Summer Finding a walking stick (insect)
60 12/13/1977 A Spider’s Web at Ordway Fall A spider catching a grasshopper
61 12/1977 Attendance at Ordway: A Recapitulation N/A The visitors of Ordway
62 1/30/1978 Reptilian Infant at Ordway Fall Finding a baby turtle
63 2/27/1978 Vantage Point at Ordway All View from the station
64 3/14/1978 Disturbed Areas at Ordway (II) Summer Plants of disturbed areas
65 4/17/1978 Wild Pets at Ordway N/A Against domestication of wild animals
66 5/24/1978 Aerial Implantation at Ordway Summer Wind-born seeds
67 6/15/1978 The Shade Trees at Ordway N/A Shade trees near the station
68 7/17/1978 Two Elms at Ordway N/A Two elms near the station
69 9/13/1978 Students at Ordway-An Invitation N/A Visit Ordway
70 10/2/1978 An Enigma at Ordway Summer A mysterious patch of ferns
71 10/31/1978 Arboreal Haven at Ordway All A clump of trees east of the building
72 2/6/1979 A Prairie Beauty at Ordway W/S Emergence of the pasque flower
73 2/27/1979 An Active Resident at Ordway All Female chickadee
74 3/12/1979 Greening Up at Ordway N/A Emergence of leaves and plants in spring
75 4/5/1979 Tawny at Ordway N/A Temporary residence of a Golden Retriever
76 4/17/1979 Bird Banding at Ordway (IV): Recaptures, A Recapitulation N/A Statistical breakdown of bird recaptures
77 7/10/1979 A Loss at Ordway N/A Death of Katharine Ordway
78 10/1/1979 Natural History at Ordway All Purpose of a natural history study area
79 10/31/1979 A Hunter at Ordway (I) All Discovering a red fox
80 1/21/1980 The Wild Roses at Ordway All Types of roses and their habitats
81 2/22/1980 The Coppices at Ordway All A stand of young box elders
82 4/8/1980 The Hunter at Ordway (II) All Predation by a house cat
83 4/25/1980 The Metric System at Ordway (II) N/A Implementation of the Metric System
84 5/15/1980 Plants Along the Railroad at Ordway Summer Similarities between RR track and native prairie habitats
85 Summer 1980 Hunters at Ordway (III) Winter Problematic dogs hunting at Ordway
86 9/12/1980 Long-time Stranger at Ordway Spring A field sparrow returns to Ordway after a long hiatus
87 9/25/1980 The Coppices at Ordway (II) N/A A stand of aspen – beautiful transitional habitat
88 10/21/1980 A Forecaster at Ordway All Banded woolly bear caterpillar
89 12/12/1980 An Interruption at Ordway Fall The killing of lady Jay
90 2/11/1981 Spring Follows Winter at Ordway Spring A celebration of spring
91 3/16/1981 Predation Pressure” at Ordway Fall Grey squirrel raids a student’s traps
92 4/22/1981 Flasher at Ordway Spring Female albino rose-breasted grosbeak – her death and her mate
93 6/30/1981 Some Exotics at Ordway S/S Plants remaining from historic usage of Ordway land, including hemp
94 8/6/1981 Nature’s Cycle at Ordway Spring A grass fire and the decomposition of the Box Elder
95 9/25/1981 Hummingbirds at Ordway late Spring Hummingbirds at Ordway and migration patterns
96 10/12/1981 Fireflies at Ordway Summer Fireflies and the effects of heat on luminescence
97 10/26/1981 The Rip-off Syndrome at Ordway All Tings in nature need to be left alone
98 11/11/1981 A Passage of Blackbirds at Ordway Fall Blackbird migration
99 12/3/1981 Predation at Ordway: An After-thought N/A The problem of cats hunting at Ordway
100 12/10/1981 Counting to a Hundred at Ordway N/A A look on past bulletins and where they belong
101 1/4/1982 Solitary Snow Goose at Ordway Fall Conjecture about a solitary Snow Goose
102 2/10/1982 A New Director at Ordway N/A A welcome to Mark Davis
103 2/22/1982 Wasps at Ordway Winter Wasp activities at Ordway
104 3/11/1982 Another Returnee at Ordway All Female Black-capped Chickadee, spotted frequently
105 3/23/1982 Broken Eggs at Ordway Spring Egg theft at Ordway by people and birds
106 4/2/1982 The “Blue List” at Ordway (IV) N/A Threatened birds at Ordway
107 4/28/1982 A Morbid Reverie at Ordway Spring The killing of lady Sparrow in a nesting box
108 6/7/1982 A Fox-Trot at Ordway Winter The hunting pattern of foxes
109 7/12/1982 A Postage Stamp at Ordway N/A Commentary on state birds
110 8/16/1982 A Postage Stamp at Ordway (II) N/A Commentary on state flowers
111 8/30/1982 A Nesting Killdeer at Ordway Spring The birth of a killdeer
112 10/25/1982 Bird-banding at Ordway: A Report N/A An overview of bird banding activities at Ordway (and beyond)
113 12/08/1982 The Meaning of “Ordway” N/A Ordway–A concept
114 2/14/1983 An Involuntary Retirement at Ordway N/A Resident turtles at Macalester
115 4/27/1983 Trail Tours at Ordway N/A Tours at Ordway and the sad lack of younger students
116 7/1983 The Sun Oscillates at Ordway Summer Description of the sun’s path over the year
117 8/15/1983 The Death of a Pond at Ordway: A Prognosis N/A The slow death of the pond is sped up by development
118 10/21/1983 History at Ordway N/A A history of Ordway property and usage
119 11/1/1983 Environmental Education at Ordway N/A Solutions to environmental problems begins with each one of us
120 1/17/1984 A Tree Falls at Ordway S/W The death of a tree and musings about life and death
121 2/22/1984 Katharine Ordway at Ordway N/A Thoughts on Katharine Ordway and her life
122 3/1/1984 Winter Deer at Ordway Winter The activities of the deer at Ordway and the problem of dogs
123 3/26/1984 Bluebirds Nesting at Ordway Spring The nest-building of bluebirds
124 5/24/1984 The Water Supply at Ordway N/A A discussion of Ordway’s water source, etc.
125 8/31/1984 A Christmas Tree at Ordway N/A The first evergreen tree at Ordway – red cedar
126 1/21/1985 Location at Ordway N/A Geographic reference points
127 2/19/1985 Run-off Water at Ordway N/A Consequences and location of Ordway water run-off
128 4/23/1985 Fungi on the Trees at Ordway N/A Are fungi killing trees at Ordway?
129 5/30/1985 Bird Observation at Ordway N/A Bird migration and getting old