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Visitor Information

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Katharine Ordway Natural History Study Area (Ordway Field Station) is an area set aside by Macalester College for education, research, civic engagement, and sustainability including the protection and management of natural environments.

Contact Us

To arrange a visit, contact

Jerald Dosch
[email protected]

Mike Anderson
[email protected].

Public Access

Access by the public is typically permitted providing they first obtain permission by contacting Jerald Dosch at [email protected], or Mike Anderson, [email protected].

While Macalester is happy to make this wonderful area available to the public, the following activities are prohibited:

  • Hunting, fishing and trapping
  • Collecting plants, animals, fossils, or artifacts
  • Bringing pets on the site
  • Bringing or using drugs, alcohol on the site
  • Building fires and camping
  • Straying from marked trails
  • Using motorized vehicles

Please avoid areas containing flags and markers as they correspond to ongoing research.

Trail Map

Click here for a copy of the trail map.