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Monthly Leave Report Entry

Monthly Leave Report Entry

    Leave Reports are managed by Payroll.  Any questions about submitting or approving a leave report should be directed to payroll @ 

    Routing the Leave reports are managed by Human Resources.  Any questions regarding the routing of whom receives the leave report should be directed to 

Monthly Leave Reports for Employee

Leave Reports are designed for Monthly employee’s to help navigate on how to enter leave taken.  Please Reference the links below providing step-by-step instructions for task managed by Monthly employees.

  • Access Your Leave Report?

    • Log onto 1600grand
    • Click on Employee Dashboard
    • Locate My Activities menu (on the right)
    • Click on Enter Leave Report

  • How to Enter Leave Hours?

    1. Select the Pay period the leave was taken, click Start Leave Report 
    2. Use the Calendar
      • Select the date to report time taken
      • Use the Earn Code drop-down menu to select the appropriate type of leave, and enter the number of hours you were away
        • Earn codes selections (Vacation/Sick Time/Floating Holiday/Etc.)
    3. Record leave time
      • Hours should be entered in quarter hour increments (.00, .25, .50, .75)
    4. Click Save in the lower right corner
    5. Once you’ve completed your leave entry, click Preview in the lower right corner and click Submit

  • How to make changes to Your Leave Report?

    To Edit Leave Time Entered

    1. To Edit
      • Select the Calendar Date, click the Edit (pencil icon on the right)
      • Make necessary edits to the time section as needed
      • Click Save
    1. To Copy
      • Select the Calendar Date
      • Click the Copy (two pages icon on the right)
        • Utilizing this function, you will have the opportunity to copy the leave hours entered to any additional applicable days
    1. To Restart your leave report and clear all of the existing entries
      • Click on Restart Time (circle arrow in the upper right)
        • The system will prompt a warning message to verify do you want to remove all of the previously entered time and comments.
      • To proceed click on Restart Time to clear all entries or Cancel to go back to the original leave report
    1. To Delete time segment
      • Click on Delete (circle with a minus icon on the right)
        • The system will prompt a warning message to confirm do you want to delete the selected time, Click YES to delete
      • Click Save, successfully deleted when no longer visible within the leave report
    1. To Add comments
      • Within the Preview screen for a specific employee, scroll down to the bottom to find the Comments Box
        • Anyone who can access this leave report will be able to see the comments, such as employee, payroll or
          Employment Services staff
      • To mask comments from the employee, select the Confidential Comment box under the text field

  • How to submit Your Leave Report for approval?

    At the end of the month make sure to submit your leave report for approval (deadline is the 10th of the following month).

    1. Click on Preview, review the leave report for accuracy
    2. Click on Submit to send for approval
      • Only choose Submit if you have completed your leave report
      • If you need to change your leave report before your supervisor has approved it, you can click on Recall Leave Report (bottom right) to make additional changes

Deadlines for Leave Report Entry & Approval
  • Leave reports are due by the 10th of the following month (ex: August leave report would be due September 10th).
  • Approval deadline for supervisors is the 20th of the following month (ex: August leave report needs to be approved by September 20th)
  • A complete payroll schedule, with holidays, is available on the Payroll website.

If you miss the leave report deadline, send an email to  (and copy your supervisor) with the number of hours of leave used in the month.