Monthly Leave Report Entry

Leave Reports are managed by Payroll.  Any questions about submitting or approving a leave report should be directed to payroll @ 

Monthly Leave Reports for Employee

Leave Reports are designed for Monthly employee’s to help navigate on how to enter leave taken.  Please Reference the links below providing step-by-step instructions for task managed by Monthly employees.

Deadlines for Leave Report Entry & Approval
  • Leave reports are due by the 10th of the following month (ex: August leave report would be due September 10th).
  • Approval deadline for supervisors is the 20th of the following month (ex: August leave report needs to be approved by September 20th)
  • A complete payroll schedule, with holidays, is available on the Payroll website.

If you miss the leave report deadline, send an email to (and copy your supervisor) with the number of hours of leave used in the month.