Visiting Assistant Professor

Olin Rice 129

Saki Khan is a theoretical particle physicist. His primary research interest is Grand Unified Theories, where he proposes that all the fundamental interactions (except gravity) electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force are different manifestations of the same unified force/interaction. Saki Khan invokes higher gauge symmetries to address various Standard Model conundrums like neutrino oscillations. Such study includes the phenomenological (like nucleon decay) and cosmological (like topological defect) aspects of the proposed models using various mathematical/theoretical and computational tools.

Deciphering the fundamental nature of dark matter is currently one of the major issues of theoretical high energy physics. Its origin, nature or interaction is a puzzle yet to be solved. Saki Khan’s current and future research interest includes construction and study of such dark matter model. He is particularly interested in the dark matter candidates which arise from unified models and the models where dark matter and SM particles are unified under some higher gauge symmetry.