Marni Schreiber—2013 Fellow

Marni Schreiber

Year: Class of 2014
Major: Religious Studies, Sociology Minor; Middle Eastern and Islamic Civilization Concentrator
Organization: Allina Health

This summer I worked with Allina Health’s Spiritual Care Unit to help them better address and accommodate the diverse religious communities in the Twin Cities. Because hospital chaplaincy and spiritual care services are historically Christian-based, alternative and minority groups risk further marginalization and inequitable care. Therefore, I am helping Allina Health reach out and build stronger bridges between the health care system and these minority religions. I am additionally creating educational resources and guidelines on the different religious and ethnic communities in the surrounding area to bolster general understanding and background on the Twin Cities’ minority populations.

The Chuck Green Civic Engagement Fellowship granted me necessary resources and support to transform my academic interests into a concrete community-based project. Throughout the spring seminar, I developed and expanded upon new academic themes, and then used these materials and resources to enhance my summer project. Before this fellowship, I did not have background in health or spiritual care services, and did not analyze how such structures influence different groups in distinct ways. The cohort’s varied project ideas and recommendations throughout the spring and summer helped me create and establish my goals for the fellowship. This opportunity connected me to diverse organizations in the Twin Cities and introduced me to people across distinct academic and social fields.