Theodore Mitau Opportunity Grants support the academic and professional development of Political Science majors.  During the academic year and each summer, the Mitau endowment provides a limited number of grants for student travel for academic research and academic conferences. Mitau grants also provide supplemental support for those pursuing low- or unpaid summer internships.

Academic year grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis and range from $100 to $350.  Summer grant applications are due April 15 and typically range from $500 to $2,500, but proposals for up to $5,000 will be considered.  Students are expected to seek funding from other college sources, such as the Student Travel Fund or Summer Internship Grants, before applying for a Mitau Opportunity Grant.  

We prioritize proposals where a Mitau Opportunity Grants will make a critical difference for students, based on financial need and the importance of the proposed grant to the student’s academic and professional development.  

Note: Alumni are not eligible.  Those graduating in May are not eligible for funding during the summer after graduation.

Note about Module 5 (Summer 2021): per College policy, students who have a registered/credit bearing full-time Summer Internship may not register for Mod 5 classes as the time commitment to do both well would be too demanding.  Students with a half-time/part-time registered, credit bearing internship may register for one Mod 5 class.

Photo of Theodore Mitau
Theodore Mitau

About G. Theodore Mitau

Theodore Mitau, a Macalester alumnus, guided Macalester’s Political Science Department to national preeminence and elicited the best from his students. He centered his scholarly interests on U.S. Politics (primarily state and local government and the Supreme Court). In March 1968, he left Macalester to become Chancellor of the Minnesota State University System, returning to Macalester as an adjunct professor of Political Science in 1976.

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