Sylvia Thomas—2013 Fellow

Sylvia Thomas

Year: Class of 2014
Major: Geography
Waite House and Twin Cities Community Radio

I worked with Twin Cities Community Radio and Waite House to encourage and apply for a new community radio station in the Phillips neighborhood. I worked with over 75 youth in Minneapolis creating podcasts about their neighborhoods and perspectives and facilitating interviewing and podcasting sessions. Ethnic minorities are largely under-represented in mainstream media and my project gave me an opportunity to work with local people in a diverse neighborhood and have their perspective shared on the air. The most powerful part of the project was working with the youth mural project to put on a radio show at the end of our sessions together.

Chuck Green was an incredible experience that allowed me to turn my passion and interest of community radio into a job working with community members. It was an incredibly challenging experience but I grew tremendously, and I am so thankful to the fellowship structure and my wonderful cohort for supporting and challenging me through this process.