Macalester College gratefully acknowledges the commitment of Dr. Calvin J. Roetzel and Mrs. Caroline Roetzel for establishing an endowed fund at the college for the purpose of supporting students interested in furthering their scholarship in religious studies.

Calvin Roetzel spent 36 years at Macalester as a beloved professor of Religious Studies, chairing the department and teaching wildly popular classes in biblical studies. He was named the Arnold H. Lowe Professor in 1982. He is the author of numerous books and a world-renowned scholar of the apostle Paul. He sought to place Paul in his cultural context as a Greek-speaking Jew, and he was fearless in his approach to texts held to be sacred by many people. He was also a treasured colleague, friend, advisor and mentor. Caroline Roetzel was a longtime teacher and administrator at St. Paul Academy. Calvin and Caroline’s commitment to education is rooted in the belief that knowledge and learning can be pathways to improving one’s own life and the lives of others. Their gift is made possible by Calvin’s parents’ hard work and determination to make certain that he, along with his siblings, would have the opportunity to attend college. In honor of this, Calvin and Caroline have generously established a summer fellowship to allow students to broaden their knowledge and benefit from adventurous academic work.


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Sophomores and juniors may apply for support in the following summer.

The Roetzel Family Summer Fellowship will be granted to students with clearly defined academic goals for summer work. Students may apply to support travel, independent research and community engagement, the study of languages, or preparation for senior honors projects.

Each summer, a student or students will receive up to $3000 to support an academic project related to religious studies.

Applications for the upcoming cycle should be submitted by February 29, 2024.

Ana Berman at Sagunto Castle, an Iberian/ Roman/ Medieval fortress in Valencia! Built into the castle wall is a medieval Jewish cemetery.

Micah Roetman Ganesh


Scholarship recipients

2023 Alby Algawi and Micah Roetman Ganesh
2022 Ana Berman and Cleo Meachem
2021 Sophie Gettings and Katie McCarthy
2020 Sophie Freedman
2019 Sophia Jones and Sam Ryckaert
2018 Autumn DeLong and Ethan Levin
2016 Wensday Berman
2015 Jacob Bessen and Nicholas Riordan
2014 Emily Bates and Kathryn Klein
2013 Irene Gibson and Marni Schreiber
2012 Rebecca Hornstein


Rebecca Hornstein – the first recipient of the Roetzel Family Summer Fellowship meeting with Caroline and Calvin Roetzel. Hornstein spent her time researching the Postville Immigration Raid and American Jewish Identity.