Conversations that matter.

Why philosophy? Deep questions that open doors

What matters in life? What can I know? What is knowledge, anyway? What is reality? What is the mind? Do robots have minds? Can I love a robot? These are just some of the questions philosophy addresses--questions at the heart of any liberal arts education, and any life of inquiry and imagination.

While some students discover philosophy on their own, many come to it by accident, getting hooked after taking a course like “Philosophy of Film” or “Digital Ethics.” Our students discover that studying philosophy is an intellectual transformation, and a path that leads to many careers. Philosophy students learn how to think critically and write analytically—skills that transcend short-lived job market trends, and are in demand in today’s economy.

Why Macalester? Collaboration, research, boundless opportunities

The philosophical tradition is a continuous dialogue, and philosophy is a lifelong conversation. In the Philosophy Department, students find minds who share their passion for questioning everything. Their classes provoke them to think, and opportunities to pursue research alongside faculty members lead them to the edges of contemporary scholarship. Macalester philosophy majors are exposed to great minds, not only in the philosophers they study, but also in the exciting visitors the department regularly brings to the Twin Cities.

Life after Macalester

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