Conversations that matter.

Deep questions open the door to many careers.

Can you love a robot? That’s the kind of question you may be asked to consider in one of our Philosophy classes. It’s true, a lot of students come to Philosophy by accident. They take a course like “Philosophy of Film” and are hooked. Because once you examine the world from a philosophical point of view, you’ll never see it the same way. It’s a transformation, and a path that leads to many careers.

At Macalester, Philosophy dovetails beautifully with other fields of study, from Chemistry to Bioethics to Computer Science. It’s why so many Mac philosophers are double majors, why so many go on to medical or law school, or careers as CEO’s. Our professors will help you stretch—your mind and your self-perceptions. You’ll learn how to think critically and analyze carefully: life skills that transcend job markets, economic trends, and…yes, robots.

Why Macalester: Collaboration, research, boundless opportunities.

Philosophy is, essentially, a lifelong Q & A, a continuous dialogue. Here you’ll find minds that share your passion for it. It’s rare for students in the humanities to collaborate with professors on research projects, but at Macalester, you will. You’ll be exposed to great minds—visitors to the Twin Cities who’ve given award-winning TED talks, who are shaping the world’s thinking. And here, you’ll have an opportunity to share your knowledge; virtually every Philosophy major has a Teaching Assistant opportunity.

Life after Macalester

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