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Philosophy is neither useless nor easy. There are good reasons for pursuing a training in philosophy, proper ways to do philosophy, and things to do with a philosophy degree. You can find all these things here.

Why Study Philosophy?

Philosophy: A Guide for Undergraduates

Writing Papers



Are you interested in seeing your ideas in print?  Want to submit a philosophy paper to a journal but not sure what to do next?  If you are reading this, you are probably already familiar with the Macalester Journal of Philosophy.  This list of other undergraduate journals will help you get started in thinking about what might be the best fit for your work.  If you are a senior and interested in submitting your capstone paper to one of these journals, please note that some of them have deadlines in the Fall.

We appreciate your help in keeping this list up-to-date! If you have information about an undergraduate journal whose name does not appear below, just send the department coordinator an e-mail [email protected].

Agora Aporia
Consilium Cyberphilosophy Journal
The Dialectic Dialoguet
Discourse The Dualist
Ephemeris Episteme
Ergon Janua Sophia
Meteorite  Princeton Journal of Bioethics
Prometheus Reveries
Semantics Stoa

After Graduation