Thomas E. Hill Prize

Established by the faculty of the Philosophy Department. Funds to purchase books or a year’s subscription to a philosophical journal of the student’s choice, awarded for outstanding work in philosophy.

2024 Alice Ma
2023 August J. Miller
2022 Aiym Bakytbaikyzy
2021 Katia Sievert
2020 Sadie Nederveld
2019 Stephanie Van Fossen
2018 Lizzi Ginsberg
2017 Emily K. Royer
2016 Zexin Nai
2015 Alexander Coppins
2014 Samuel H. Eklund
2013 Tyler R. Hanck
2012 Stefan P. Norman
2011 Gerard A. Hoogvliet
2010 Zachary J. Dotray
2009 Miroslav Losonsky
2008 Michael B. McNulty
2007 Gregory P. Taylor
2006 David C. Sackris
2005 Marianna Saavedra Espinosa
2004 Carolyn J. Gotner, Sarah L. Oviatt
2003 Andrew B. Brantingham
2002 Marc. E Johansen
2001 Anthony M. Nadler, Anna M. Zalusky
2000 Jon M. Stapnes

The Roger K. Mosvick Endowed Prize in Philosophy

Established by former students, Judge Jack Mason ’60 and James Fahlgren ’60, in honor of Dr. Roger K. Mosvick ’52, in recognition of his contributions to the development of the Department of Communication Studies and his 47 years of service to the college. A cash prize is awarded each year to a senior majoring in philosophy who has demonstrated academic excellence in the fields of critical thinking, argumentation and logic. The recipient is chosen each spring by a majority of the permanent faculty of the Department of Philosophy.

2024 Elliott DeWitte
2023 Monte Ebbesen, Yuyi Miao
2022 Grace K. Doyle, Yiğit Can Kahyaoğlu
2021 Ling Ma, Gage Ryder
2020 Dalir Kellett, Kevin Shin
2019 Madeleine Coy-Bjork
2018 Madeleine Wright
2017 Daniel E. Lyew, Ami H. Naff
2016 Egzon Sadiku
2015 Megan Renslow
2014 Emily R. Wade
2013 Shoua Thao
2012 Brenna O’Neil
2011 Andrew C. Van Denover
2010 Lauren O. Roso
2009 Rachel H. Miller
2008 Stuart J. Reich
2007 Carly R. Martin, Kendra B. Oyer
2006 Tobias D. Pforr, Samuel G. Rayner
2005 Kevin T. Blum
2004 Nicholas S. Napolitan

The Henry R. West Prize in Philosophy

Established by Macalester faculty, staff, alumni and friends in recognition of the many years of teaching, scholarship and service to the college. The prize will be given to the student who in the judgment of the Macalester Philosophy Department has written the best essay for the academic year in Ethics, Social or Political Philosophy.

2024 Kamini Ramakrishna
2023 Jesse E. Colnes
2022 Amber K. Sofge
2021 Courteney Sedillo
2020 Katharine J. Chen
2019 Nicholas Storlie
2018 Logan P. Stapleton
2017 Emily K. Royer
2016 Gunnar Footh
2015 Jonah Freed
2014 Emily R. Wade
2013 Ellen Noble
2012 Lawrence Huang
2011 Stefan Norman
2010 Gerbrand A. Hoogvliet
2009 Rachel H. Miller

The Jakob Laub Prize

A cash prize awarded to an advanced Macalester student for an exemplary paper or honors thesis in the history or philosophy of science (including mathematics). Jakob Johann Laub (1884-1962), was a collaborator, long-time friend, and the first co-author with Albert Einstein. When he had to leave Europe he emigrated to Argentina, where he played a seminal role in introducing theoretical physics and relativity to South America and beyond. The prize was established by former Macalester faculty member Hans Wendt, who was Laub’s nephew, to honor Laub and his work.

2024 Adrien Wright
2023 Matthew J. Trager
2022 Jasper H. Corey-Flatau, Nicole G. Higgins
2021 Grace Doyle, Seth Wiseheart
2020 Robert Angarone, Yiğit Can Kahyaoğlu
2019 Kevin Shin
2018 Max Abramson
2017 Logan P. Stapleton
2016 Daniel E. Lyew
2015 Milan Olman
2014 Madeline K. Brasunas
2013 Nathan S. Scheiner
2012 Casey M. Rufener
2011 Meghan J. Erti-Bendickson
2010 Gayatri Sarin