Recommended programs

Oxford University

Top-ranked in the UK and its tutorial program (no classes, just one-on-one meetings) is unique. Admission is selective – you need a 3.6 GPA to be considered. Apply VERY early.

University of St. Andrews, Scotland

Rated on a par with Oxford and Cambridge in Philosophy. The faculty are stellar and world renowned. And St. Andrews (unlike Oxford) has a semester calendar.

CUPA Paris

If your French can handle it, CUPA offers you entrée into the top universities of the Paris university system, with many, many offerings in philosophy.

Macalester German Program, Berlin and Vienna

Two months of intensive language training in Berlin, then four months at the University of Vienna, a wonderful place to study German philosophers. Spring semester only.

London School of Economics

This is ranked just behind Oxford for philosophy in the UK. “Our research and teaching programmes have two distinctive features. The first is a commitment to clarity of expression and argumentative rigour. . . . The second is a commitment to doing philosophy in close contact with the social and natural sciences.” Year-long study only.

King’s College, London

Also a top-rated philosophy department, with over thirty courses available to visiting students.

University of Edinburgh

Still another top-tier university in philosophy, and a great favorite of Macalester students. More than forty philosophy courses are available to visiting students.