-Roetzel Family Fellowship

-Religious Studies Honors Program

Proposal for Honors in Religious Studies

2020-2021 Honors Theses

Sophie Freedman
Punishment, Divine Justice, and Incarceration: Tracing the Impact of Protestant Christianity from Enlightenment to the Present

Tess Mueller
How Hurt Fades

Kat Lewis
Tale of Two Judiths: Queering the Book of Judith with the Works of Judith Butler

2019-2020 Honors Theses

Sam Knego
The Catholic Spirit: Charisma and Liberation in Late 20th Century Brazilian Catholicism

Autumn DeLong
Making Home: Spirituality Through Migrants’ Eyes

Ethan Levin
To Bloom in Empty Space: An Introduction and Commentary on the Petichta to Esther Rabbah

Sophia Jones
Written in Ink, Written in Spirit: 2 Corinthians 3 and Pauline Interpretation

Abe Asher
(Re-)Making the State: Religious Zionism, Religious Violence, and Israel in the 21st Century

Samuel Ryckaert
Chasing Tonpa Shenrab’s Horses: Religious Education and Cultural Transmission in the Global Tibetan Exile Community

2018-2019 Honors Thesis

Maude Quinn
Meditation & Mystics: Secularism and Contemplative Practices in the Twin Cities

2016 Honors Thesis

Molly Wallace
The Persistence of Gnosticism: Credit and the Apocalypse

2014 Honors Theses

Gordon Christen
Roosevelt, Boy Scouts, and the Formation of Muscular Christian Character

Marni Schreiber
South Asian Muslim Health Outcomes in Great Britain: The National Health Service and the British National Imaginary

2013 Honors Theses

Mollie Beebe
Teaching Outside the Margin: Sexual Health Education and the Politics of Sexual Shame

Max Edwards
Dealing with Desire: The Transformation of Hasidic Asceticism

Rebecca Hornstein
When Kashrut is not “Kosher”: The Post Postville Struggle Over Eating, Ethics and American Jewish Identity.

Sara Sandmel
Bathing Women: Ritualized Bodies, Feminism and Jewish Menstrual Purity

2011 Honors Thesis

Daniel Rocklin
Dueling Dualisms: Christian Theology in Response to Global Climate Change

2010 Honors Thesis

Ryland Patrick Witzler
Ali Shariati: Red Shi’ism and Revolution in Iran

2009 Honors Theses

Elizabeth Baer
Working the System: The Role of Islam in Student Negotiations of a Midwestern Charter School

Elliott Niblock
Rethink Orthodoxy and Heresy: The Transgression of Peter Waldes

-Live It Fund

The Live It Fund empowers entrepreneurially-minded students an opportunity to live out their definition of global citizenship by proposing innovative solutions to problems and opportunities they identify. Students can work solo or in teams of two. Summer funding can be provided up to $7,000 and projects can be completed locally, nationally or internationally.

January 2022

Yosan Worota ’23
Fre is a project aiming to increase Eritrean refugee students’ retention in higher education by addressing structural barriers.