-Roetzel Family Fellowship

-Religious Studies Honors Program

Proposal for Honors in Religious Studies

2019-2020 Honors Theses

Sam Knego
The Catholic Spirit: Charisma and Liberation in Late 20th Century Brazilian Catholicism

Autumn DeLong
Making Home: Spirituality Through Migrants’ Eyes

Ethan Levin
To Bloom in Empty Space: An Introduction and Commentary on the Petichta to Esther Rabbah

Sophia Jones
Written in Ink, Written in Spirit: 2 Corinthians 3 and Pauline Interpretation

Abe Asher
(Re-)Making the State: Religious Zionism, Religious Violence, and Israel in the 21st Century

Samuel Ryckaert
Chasing Tonpa Shenrab’s Horses: Religious Education and Cultural Transmission in the Global Tibetan Exile Community

2018-2019 Honors Thesis

Maude Quinn
Meditation & Mystics: Secularism and Contemplative Practices in the Twin Cities

2016 Honors Thesis

Molly Wallace
The Persistence of Gnosticism: Credit and the Apocalypse

2014 Honors Theses

Gordon Christen
Roosevelt, Boy Scouts, and the Formation of Muscular Christian Character

Marni Schreiber
South Asian Muslim Health Outcomes in Great Britain: The National Health Service and the British National Imaginary

2013 Honors Theses

Mollie Beebe
Teaching Outside the Margin: Sexual Health Education and the Politics of Sexual Shame

Max Edwards
Dealing with Desire: The Transformation of Hasidic Asceticism

Rebecca Hornstein
When Kashrut is not “Kosher”: The Post Postville Struggle Over Eating, Ethics and American Jewish Identity.

Sara Sandmel
Bathing Women: Ritualized Bodies, Feminism and Jewish Menstrual Purity

2011 Honors Thesis

Daniel Rocklin
Dueling Dualisms: Christian Theology in Response to Global Climate Change

2010 Honors Thesis

Ryland Patrick Witzler
Ali Shariati: Red Shi’ism and Revolution in Iran

2009 Honors Theses

Elizabeth Baer
Working the System: The Role of Islam in Student Negotiations of a Midwestern Charter School

Elliott Niblock
Rethink Orthodoxy and Heresy: The Transgression of Peter Waldes