30 Macalester Street (30 Mac) is designated the Healthy Lifestyles Community. Residents refrain from the use of alcohol or illegal drugs within 30 Mac and respect all local/state/federal laws, as well as Macalester College & Residential Life policies, regarding alcohol and illegal drug use while living in the Healthy Lifestyles Community. The Healthy Lifestyles Community is also a quiet area where the residents agree to increased quiet living standards for the hall  during the first community meeting of fall semester. 

Sophomores Juniors and Seniors live in the Healthy Living Community for 2018-2019.  Rooms are selected through the roomdraw process.  Students that select a space in the 30 Mac must accept the Healthy Living Community Agreement in addition to the Housing and Dining Agreement.  Please read the agreement before you select a space in 30 Mac so you understand the community expectations. The completed Healthy Living Community Agreement should be turned in after room selection.   In order to build an active and sober community a student that selects a space in 30 Mac but does not sign the Healthy Living Agreement will be removed from 30 Mac housing and reassigned elsewhere on campus.

Room Selection for 2018-2019:

30 Mac rooms not taken by Rising Juniors and Seniors will be in the Rising Sophomores draws.  The triple room will in the Rising Sophomores triples, quads and suites draw on Thursday morning, March 22.  The doubles will be in the Rising Sophomores Doubles  Draw on March 22 afternoon.  Remember to match for the triple and double rooms.  The singles will be in the Rising Sophomores singles draw on Friday morning, March 23. You can view the available rooms after the Rising Juniors/Seniors draw on Wednesday, March 21.  The spaces taken will be crossed out on the 30 Mac floor plans.

Number of Residents:  34

Room Types:  One triple room, 10 double rooms, 10 single rooms and one RA room.

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