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Healthy Living Community

30 Macalester Street (30 Mac) is designated the Healthy Lifestyles Community. Residents are active participants in a healthy community that refrains from the use of alcohol or illegal drugs.  The Healthy Lifestyles Community is also a 24-hour quiet area. However, we caution potential residents that the  WMCN FM 91.7 radio station is located below 30 Mac and it is the residents’ responsibility to inform staff if noise from the station becomes too loud for residents.

Rooms are selected through the roomdraw process.  Students that select a space in the 30 Mac must accept the Healthy Living Community Agreement in addition to the Housing and Dining Agreement.  Please read the agreement before you select a space in 30 Mac so you understand the community expectations. The completed Healthy Living Community Agreement should be turned in after room in 30 Mac is selected.

More Information about 30 Mac Hall