LGBTQ+ Students Studying Away

Just as attitudes towards LGBTQ+ people vary regionally throughout the United States, you can expect to encounter a broad range of attitudes when travelling to other countries. The country you choose, or the location within a country, may have a significant impact on the quality of your experience.

Understanding how your expression of gender and sexual orientation may impact your experience is an important part of preparing for study away. When you travel, you carry your identities with you even if they may not be readily apparent to others. You may find yourself making calculated decisions about coming out or not, recognizing that doing so could affect your personal safety or quality of life in a new location.

Concerns for safety and well-being are something to consider when choosing your study away destination. In some countries, laws and social acceptance of LGBTQ+ people are more welcoming than they are in the US. Other countries may be less welcoming. It is important to identify the types of support you will find most helpful as you engage a new community.

The following information and resources are designed to help you consider how being an LGBTQ+ person might impact where you decide to study and help you prepare for your time away once you have made that decision. CSA staff are prepared to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about travelling as an LGBTQ+ individual. If we don’t have an immediate answer to your specific questions we will reach out to our networks to get you connected to a resource that can provide you the information you are looking for.

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