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Before You Apply

Cork, Ireland. Photo by Emma Locatelli ’11

We support intellectual and cultural engagement through study away as an enduring part of a liberal arts education. We strive to ensure that study away experiences reflect the core values of Macalester College – scholarship, internationalism, multiculturalism, and service to society.

Think Ahead

Plan your study away semester not as something separate from your academic plan. Instead, think of it as part of your entire liberal arts curriculum. Discuss your plans and ideas with faculty and advisors in the Center for Study Away.

Plan on Learning

All Macalester students are expected to continue building intellectual independence and deepening their self-­awareness during study away, and there are many ways to accomplish this.

  • Focus on cultural learning.
  • Apply your knowledge through learning opportunities outside of the classroom.
  • Focus on language learning.
  • Expand your learning through opportunities, curricular and otherwise, that are unavailable at Macalester.

All of these goals can be accomplished during study away, but not all programs include all options. Reflecting on what is most important to you is the first step in narrowing in on the type of experience that will help you accomplish your goals.

Now is also a good time to think about any topics that may affect your study away choices and experiences.

What to Consider

  • graduation or major requirements
  • finances
  • health concerns
  • special dietary needs
  • mental health needs
  • sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, or ability
  • anything else that is important to you