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Independent Study and Research

In order to ensure that research done during study away with human or animal subjects meets Macalester standards, students planning to do research while studying away are required to complete an online module covering ethical research methods. This will be done in the semester immediately preceding the semester the student plans to study away.

If you plan to use you research done while studying away upon return to Macalester, you must also have approval from an appropriate Institutional Review Board (IRB). Some study away organizations have IRBs that meet Macalester standards. If you participate in such a program, you should give a copy of the approval of their research plan to the Center for Study Away. If you study on a program that does not have a Macalester approved IRB, then you will need to go through Macalester’s Study Away Institutional Review Board (SAIRB). You should apply for approval after your study away program has begun but before you begin researching.