Students with Disabilities and Study Away

Perceptions and attitudes towards people with disabilities, as well as laws around accessibility, differ in other countries, cultures, and contexts. Additionally, the availability and extent of accommodations will depend on the study away program and country, so it is important to work with the Center for Study Away and Disability Services well in advance (at least 6 months if possible) to discuss possible arrangements.

Don’t let a disability stop you from considering studying away! In addition to all the other personal and academic learning opportunities that a study away experience provides, living and studying in another country could provide a new perspective on how other cultures view and treat people with disabilities.

Given the variability between countries and programs, it’s important to consider what support services or accommodations you currently use on the Macalester campus, and which ones are necessary for you to be successful on a study away program (including family and friend support networks). Because the standard for accessibility in the United States may not be available abroad, it’s also important to become informed about the capacity for accommodations for your programs of interest, and be flexible and open to different ways of accommodating your disability if necessary.

You can learn more by talking to other students, considering some of the questions listed below, and then researching your host country through the following suggested resources.  Study abroad advisors in the Center for Study Away are ready and willing to discuss this topic with you during an advising session.

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