Each academic department and concentration has a faculty member who serves as a Study Away Faculty Liaison in order to maintain strong connections and facilitate communications with the Center for Study Away. Liaisons provide invaluable feedback as it relates to the approved program list, program evaluations, and academic fit. Meetings with the liaisons are conducted throughout the academic year.

Additionally, each department and concentration has a designated contact person at the Center for Study Away. Their role is to maintain a strong connection with the department liaison, stay up-to-date on requirements for the major, and think strategically about how study away program offerings serve each department and concentration. Faculty wishing to contact the CSA may find the staff liaison for their department to be a good place to start.

Department/Concentration Study Away Faculty Liaison Center for Study Away Staff Contact
African Studies Lisa Mueller Marcus Carrigan
American Studies Karin Aguilar-San Juan Marcus Carrigan
Anthropology Arjun Guneratne Marcus Carrigan
Art & Art History Christine Willcox Barbara Stinson
Asian Languages and Cultures Arthur Mitchell Kevin Morrison
Biology Kristi Curry Rogers Shanti Freitas
Chemistry Susan Green Shanti Freitas
Classical Mediterranean and Middle East Beth Severy-Hoven Barbara Stinson
Cognitive Science Darcy Burgund Shanti Freitas
Community and Global Health Eric Carter Shanti Freitas
Critical Theory Kiarina Kordela Barbara Stinson
Economics Gary Krueger Kevin Morrison
Educational Studies Ruthanne Kurth‐Schai Marcus Carrigan
English Wang Ping Barbara Stinson
Environmental Studies Jerald Dosch Barbara Stinson
French and Francophone Studies Andrew Billing Marcus Carrigan
Food, Agriculture, and Society Bill Moseley Marcus Carrigan
Geography Bill Moseley Kevin Morrison
Geology Karl Wirth Barbara Stinson
German Linda Schulte-Sasse Shanti Freitas
History Karin Velez Barbara Stinson
Human Rights and Humanitarianism Wendy Weber Kevin Morrison
International Development Amy Damon Kevin Morrison
International Studies Ahmed Samatar Shanti Freitas
Latin American Studies Ernesto Ortiz-Díaz Shanti Freitas
Legal Studies Patrick Schmidt Marcus Carrigan
Linguistics Morgan Sleeper Shanti Freitas
Mathematics and Computer Science Andrew Beveridge (Math) & Susan Fox (CS) Barbara Stinson
Media and Cultural Studies John Kim Marcus Carrigan
Middle Eastern Studies/Islamic
Andrew Overman Marcus Carrigan
Music Chuen-Fung Wong Barbara Stinson
Neuroscience Eric Wiertelak Kevin Morrison
Philosophy Geoff Gorham Barbara Stinson
Physics & Astronomy John Cannon Kevin Morrison
Political Science Wendy Weber Kevin Morrison
Psychology Eric Wiertelak & Jaine Strauss Shanti Freitas
Religious Studies Jim Laine Barbara Stinson
Russian Studies Julia B. Chadaga Marcus Carrigan
Sociology Khaldoun Samman Marcus Carrigan
Spanish & Portuguese Rosa Rull-Montoya Shanti Freitas
Theater and Dance Harry Waters Jr. Kevin Morrison
Urban Studies Ruthanne Kurth-Schai Marcus Carrigan
Women’s Gender, and Sexuality
Sonita Sarker Kevin Morrison