Unipolar Depression

The purpose of this webpage, created during the spring of 2005, is to provide information about the various types of antidepressant medication currently available to treat unipolar depression, and to give a fairly readable account of how each of them work, biologically speaking.

The study of depression is complicated, if not for the slew of information available through "pop-psych" resources, then at least for the sensitive issues that arise relating to personal suffering and family relations.

Depression is in many respects a psychological domain, at least to the greater part of the public. When supplied without the requisite psychological support, medication can sometimes take on the role of "savior"/"demon". Throughout this website you will find information about how each of the categories of antidepressants work, as well as a glimpse into what it means for a medication to "work" on one's mind.

Our goal in creating this website is to strip down an explanation for the three types of antidepressant medication from their socio-cultural chains to better understand how antidepressant medication works, and how they have evolved from their conception.

This website was created by students at Macalester College taking Behavioral Neuroscience in the spring semester of 2005.

Pictures contained throughout this website are courtesy of a variety of online sources. References are made for each in the last section of this website, along with more information about the authors.