The Psychological Effects of Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's disease is a condition that is well-known for the wide variety of motor impairments that it causes. What is not particularly well-known, but extremely significant nevertheless, are the psychological symptoms that accompany the disease. These symptoms can be just as severe and are often as detrimental as the motor activity impairments themselves. The origin of the psychological symptoms are much less understood than the motor symptoms, and the method of treatment is not as clear-cut. It is an unfortunate situation when the psychological aspects of the disease are de-emphasized and do not receive the same attention in treatment as the motor symptoms do.

It is clear that the psychological effects that Parkinson's disease can have on a person are intertwined with the somatic effects. Just as the debilitating motor impairment caused by the disease can lead to negative thoughts and adverse psychological effects, so too can the adverse psychological effects of Parkinson's lead to an increase in the bodily symptoms. This can result in a negative cycle that greatly reduces the quality of life for victims of this disease. This cycle can be reversed through appropriate and compassionate treatment of the adverse psychological effects. With adequate treatment, a patient can gain confidence, resulting in relaxation. This confidence and relaxation can bring about a reduction of motor symptoms, which results in further alleviation of the psychological effects of the disease.

The intent of this section of this web document is to educate the reader about the psychology of Parkinson's disease. This section includes information concerning the common psychological symptoms of Parkinson's, as well as information regarding their possible origins and treatment. This section also contains information about daily activities that may make it easier for the patient to cope with this disease. It is essential that the psychological state of a sufferer of Parkinsonís receives adequate attention, and it is in this spirit that this section was included.

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