For those of us who have never committed a violent crime against another human being, or another living being for that matter, cannot imagine what actually makes a person kill. That is exactly why I would like to take you into the mind of a serial killer. We will examine closely: the mind-set of a killer prior to his first murder (Are they psychotic? Is the murder premeditated?), their mental state during the heinous crime, and their frame of mind after the killing. We will take a look at the FANTASIES of a serial killer. Then we will walk you through the four phases of murder for a serial killer. *

(1) Phase 1:Pre-crime Patterns

(2) Phase 2:The Murder

(3) Phase 3:Disposing of the Body

(4) Phase 4:Post-crime Behavior and Activity

*All material in Mind of a Killer site taken from (Ressler, 1988)

Serial killer fantasies

Anatomical Factors

Neurochemical Factors

Genetics Factors

Environmental Factors

Associated Psychological Disorders

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