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The South African Author

My name is Shannon Booth and I am a sophomore International Student from the Republic of South Africa. Do you want to see how beautiful my country is? I have no idea what brought me all the way from sunny South Africa to Minnesota but Macalester College has been well worth the long frigid winters and the Twin Cities are a haven for culture and for the arts.

My love for people has brought me to the field of psychology. It is thanks to all the gorgeously goofy people that I love, both here in the US and abroad, that has swept up my interest in the study of human behavior and its autonomous organ - the BRAIN!

The Iowan

Also a sophomore, I am a neuroscience major, with a biology core and a psychology minor. When I'm not spending my time learning about the brain, I love to devote myself to my obsession with Batman. I have tons of Batman stuff, and I even have my own Batman pages, which I encourage you to check out. Just a word of warning though, I absolutely HATED the last two movies, especially Batman and Robin, and so a large portion of my page is devoted to rantings about Joel Schumacher (who directed the cursed movies). I also have lots of graphics though, and I talk about all of the movies since 1989, including the two animated ones (which were excellent). With links to other Batman sites about everything from the comics to the serials to the 60s show to the recent movies, my site is a must see (in my humble opinion!).

As for myself, after Macalester I plan on attending medical school and possibly graduate school or a combined MD/PhD program, after which I want to be a neurologist as well as engage in research. Some of my obsessions include Batman, Garfield, Jeopardy!, and ER; I also love to read, although this takes a backseat during the school year. I also have another home page; this one describes me a little and where I come from (Roland, IA). This page has lots of links to stuff like entertainment sites (Knight Rider, Jeopardy!, Garfield, and ER), political sites (Rush online and other conservative sites), and Iowa sites (hey, Iowa isn't just corn and pigs!).

Texas Girl

My name's Sarah and, like the rest, I'm a sophomore at Macalester College. I really love it here in spite of the cold and, although I love the idea of a liberal arts education, I spend all my time in Olin-Rice, the science building. I'm majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology with the intention of researching in cognitive neuroscience after I get my PhD. Outside of classes (if I ever see that day!), I like to read, take long walks, and play with fractals. I'll see any musical and almost any play, too.

Jamaica Girl

I am a sophomore environmental studies major with a concentration in biology. I took the Behavioral Neuroscience course at Macalester out of interest. I am from Jamaica but have also lived in the U.S. I enjoy outdoor activities and hate cold weather (catching a trend?) I am also involved in dance and African Music.

Hollywood Girl

Just kidding! I bet you were sitting there, saying, "Wow! She's from Hollywood!" But I am not really, I just thought it would be an interesting addition to the list (South Africa, Jamaica,...) Anyway, if I had said where I was really from, New York, you would all just jump to the conclusion that I am from The Big City, which I am not. Believe it or not THERE IS ANOTHER PART OF NEW YORK that is colder than St. Paul (summer comes a month later, according to the lilac bushes), as rural as South Dakota (well, almost), and prettier and more pleasant (in the summer) than any place in the world (in my biased opinion). My town is nestled in the Adirondack mountains, is right next to Lake Placid (where the winter Olympics were a couple times)(anyone from Saranac Lake, please forgive me for mentioning L.P. as one of the things S.L. has going for it), and has the oldest Winter Carnival in the nation (though St. Paul argues with us about that - I am the spy Saranac Lake sent to check out St. Paul's carnival: ours is better). After that paragraph none of you will be able to resist clicking to bypass the rest of this site and move right on to the wonders of Saranac Lake. Seriously, you should check it out, but only after you read all about synesthesia.

So now you know all about my town, but nothing about me. It's like those speeches where they are giving out awards and before they tell you the person's name they just talk all about the person and you are sitting there just waiting for them to get on with it and tell you the person's name. I am Diane Licata, a biology major at Macalester College. At one point in my life I considered being a neuroscience major but rediscovered my insane love for, and interest in, animals (thanks to my trip to Australia with the Psychology department here). So the present plan is to spend the spring and summer in Tanzania, graduate from Macalester, spend the next two years in Tasmania, go to grad school, and then spend a lot of time studying elephants in Africa (yes, I know Africa is big. I should be more specific. But the truth is, I don't really care where, as long as there are elephants there. And besides, that's like 10 years in the future). I like anything outdoors, track (triple jump!), laughing, making stuff out of wire, frogs, reading, climbing (anything, but usually rocks or trees), parentheses (at least right this second), thinking, and talking to people...

Hope you enjoyed learning about synesthesia.

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