Alumni are critical partners in career development at Macalester. While staff provide resources, training, guidance and support, alumni have unique insights on how one “uses” a Macalester degree after graduation. Career Helpers are Macalester alumni who have raised a hand as a potential resource for current students in their career exploration. If you are interested in supporting career development at Macalester, we hope you will sign up!

Becoming a Career Helper means you will have a special designation by your profile on MacDirect, the alumni directory, as well as in the alumni reports that the Career Development Center puts together for students. Many students are nervous about contacting alumni, and knowing that there are alumni who have volunteered to be a resource can make a big difference in encouraging students to reach out. We do not expect Career Helpers to be experts in your field, have any ability to provide jobs or internships, or be able to visit Macalester – students want to speak with alumni in every stage of their career, in ever industry, living everywhere in the world. Even just knowing that there are hundreds of Macalester alumni who want to help makes a difference for students. While you may not be contacted by a student or academic department regularly, please know that your interest and availability is seen and appreciated by staff, faculty and students alike. Career Helpers also receive special updates and information from the Alumni Office about volunteer opportunities.

You can sign up to be a Career Helper by completing this form or by updating your volunteer interests on MacDirect. Please make sure we have the most updated employment and address information for you. Questions? Please contact the Alumni Engagement team at [email protected] or 651-696-6295.

Volunteers say…

“The students are eager for real-world information and it’s rewarding to share it with them. It helps to coalesce my own experiences.”

“I’m sure it does them some good to hear from us. It probably does me as much good as I get a chance to encounter young adults outside my usual orbit. I find Mac students today to be very mature, intelligent and exceptional young adults.”

“I think it is valuable to the students, to get a glimpse of life after college, particularly from someone who shared their experience at Mac, no matter how long ago. It also is helpful for the alumni to go back and relive the enthusiasm and excitement about the future that these students have.”

“It’s fun, and I always get a lot out of encouraging students to explore their interests by sharing with my experience.”