Professor Emeritus David W. McCurdy 

Established to honor Professor Emeritus David W. McCurdy, who founded Macalester’s Anthropology Department in 1976, this annual lecture brings to campus leading scholars in all areas of anthropology. McCurdy is the author of numerous textbooks for teaching both cultural anthropology as well as anthropological methods, including the widely used Conformity and Conflict, now in its 15th edition. He is a renowned teacher and was made the subject of an article in 1977 by Change Magazine for innovative teaching in anthropology. He was the recipient of the Macalester Distinguished Teaching Award in 1995, and in 1997, he received the first teaching award given by the American Anthropological Association.  History of Professor Emeritus David W. McCurdy from the 2016 event slide deck (PDF)

2018 video of lecture by Dr. Erin Vogel, Rutgers University, titled, “Nutrition and Health in Wild Bornean Orangutans: Insights into the evolution of obesity in humans,”  with introduction by Scott Legge, Associate Professor and Chair.   Dr. Erin Vogel’s research covers a broad array of topics about how primates are able to acquire food for survival. As a primate dietary ecologist, she’s interested in food acquisition and diet selection in non-human primates. In particular, she studies how primates have adapted to maximize energy intake in the face of variable environments by examining the behavior, morphology, and physiology of study animals within an ecological context.

2017 video of lecture by Dr. Marisol de la Cadena, author of Earth Beings, titled “Uncommoning Nature: Stories from the Anthropo-Not-Seen,” with introductions by Olga Gonzalez, Professor and Chair, and Macalester anthropology major Andrea Kvietok ’18.

2016 video of lecture by Professor Emeritus Jack Weatherford, titled “Genghis Khan, Thomas Jefferson, & God: An Anthropological Look at Religious Wars and Religious Freedom,” with opening remarks by Professor Emeritus David W. McCurdy, and introductions by Olga Gonzalez, Associate Professor and Chair.