Arjun Guneratne
  • Arjun Guneratne
  • Professor of Anthropology and Chair
  • Socio-cultural anthropology, ethnic identities, globalization, environmentalism, South Asia (Sri Lanka and Nepal)
  • 651-696-6362
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Olga González
  • Olga González
  • Associate Professor, Anthropology; Latin American Studies Program
  • Cultural anthropology, memory and secrecy, truth and reconciliation, violence and subjectivity, Latin America
  • 651-696-6589
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Ron Barrett
  • Ron Barrett
  • Professor
  • Medical and biocultural anthropology, infectious disease, death and dying, India, United States
  • 651-696-6626
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Jane Holmstrom
Hilary Chart
  • Hilary Chart
  • Visiting Instructor
  • Socio-cultural anthropology, political economy, capitalism, development, business, work, education, cities, gender, race, ethnography, Africa, United States
  • 651-696-6474
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Scott Legge
  • Scott Legge
  • Associate Professor, Anthropology
  • Human Biology and Adaptation, Osteology, Paleopathology, Growth and Development, Bioarchaeology, Nutrition and Disease
  • 651-696-6925
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Jenna Rice Rahaim
  • Jenna Rice Rahaim
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology
  • Charity, Humanitarianism, and Gifts; Empathy and Obligation; Migration and Refugees; National and Sectarian Sentiment; Genealogy and Kinship; Postcolonial and feminist literatures; the Middle East and Islamic World
  • 651-696-6847
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Abbie McGowan

Faculty Emeriti

David McCurdy
  • David McCurdy
  • Professor Emeritus
  • Ethnography, cognitive and applied anthropology, comparative religion, South Asia, United States
  • 651-698-8492
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Jack Weatherford