Recent Jobs and Activities

Lauren Martinez ’12 (Redmond, WA) completed a double major in Anthropology and Economics, and is now pursuing a career working with consumer companies.  She gained experience as an Analyst at Analysis Group for two years, then as an Associate Manager of Dotcom Strategic Projects at Sephora for two years. She is now completing her MBA at Stanford and spent the summer as a Merchandising Intern at Dia & Co. in New York. “My training in anthropology, especially my ethnographic interviewing class, helps me connect with people all across the business and understand their perspectives.” (10/2017)

Gabrielle Morgenstern ’16 (Newton, MA) is Health Program Representative for HIV/STI Prevention and Control, Minnesota Department of Health. “I’m looking forward to pursuing a masters in public health in Epidemiology in the next few years.  Anthropology is a great asset in Public Health work as it allows me to evaluate situations from social and cultural perspectives to understand health issues faced by Minnesota residents.” (10/2017)

Maggie Magee ’12 (Acton, MA) is currently working as a patient advocate and administrator at Whole Woman’s Health, which is an abortion and family planning clinic in Minneapolis.  “I work with a group of phenomenal people, and we provide patients with compassionate abortion care in an environment that is free from stigma.” (10/2017)

Emily Lawson ’15 (Alexandria, IN) is a Wraparound Facilitator at Aspire Indiana, Inc. Previously, she received a Humanity in Action Fellowship to work in The Netherlands. (10/2017)

Dubie Toa-Kwapong ’16 (Oslo, Norway) is a writer, anthropologist and museum professional, and a columnist for Norwegian publication, Framtida.  (10/2017)

Leigh Bercaw ’12 (Berthoud, CO), spent a year in Tanzania as an English teacher, then in the US worked 3 years on organic farms, and is now a small farm owner/operator at Blue Fingers Farm, Oldtown, ID. “I’m interested in building connections to local food producers and consumers in the Idaho Panhandle. Through restaurant orders, farm stands, and farmer’s markets, I introduce fresh food lovers to fresh food growers, and facilitate conversations on how to make local food more financially and geographically accessible for isolated communities.” (10/2017)

Rachel Swanson ’15 is living in Berkeley, CA, working in legal services for low-income folks at East Bay Community Law Center. “I use my interviewing skills every day as I work with a high volume of clients and a lot of interesting cases. I’ve even even started a huge scam prevention project with senior centers/senior housing agencies and have reached over 500 seniors so far. I’m applying to graduate school for a Masters in Education to become a teacher this fall.  I am so grateful for my Macalester education and, specifically, for the Mac Anthro department.”  (10/2017)

Rachel Ladd ’17  is a Teen Program Specialist at Common Bond Communities, Saint Paul, MN.  “I love learning from the Somali community around me and the students I work with. Anthropology helps me listen to their stories. I believe everyone — even the most rebellious teenager — has something to share.” (10/2017)

Omar Leal ’15 (San Jose, CA) is starting a Masters in Public Policy at the Humphrey Institute, UMN. (10/2017)

Allan Martínez ’14 is a Human Centered Design Researcher & Strategist for Bridge International Academies, which runs schools in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Liberia and India where it serves over 100,000 pupils, bringing top-quality, life-changing education to people without access to it. “My role on the interdisciplinary Customer Insights and Strategy team is to engage with clients to understand business problems, design research projects, and coordinate research teams to collect qualitative data through ethnographic methods. We get at the core problem and turn the data into interventions to improve outcomes. Anthropology is at the core of this work, from the way we connect with people to the way we design and carry out research, to the human-centered mindset we keep when designing and implementing interventions. I’m so deeply thankful to Mac Anthropology professors who encouraged me to pursue the major and set me on the right track for opportunities like this one.” (10/2017)

Kate Rhodes ’17 is full time in the development department of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. “I am the Planned Giving Assistant and my efforts will be focused on doing data work for monthly health education events. I am excited to be in New York and to be working at such an interesting organization!”  (10/2017)

Risa Luther ’16 (Portland, OR) is a College Possible High School Coach with AmeriCorps and is also co-founder of a local non-profit – “Like a Girl” – that works predominantly with girls from immigrant and refugee families, girls of color, and/or low-income families to connect them to free futbol programming and academic support to help overcome the opportunity gap and expand what’s possible.

Sara Saltman ’15 (Honolulu, HA) received the 2015 Nancy “Penny” Schwartz Undergraduate Essay Award from the Association of Africanist Anthropology (AfAA) for her honors thesis, “The Grass that Grows on Top of Bodies: Women, Marriage and the Construction of Collective Narratives in Rural Rwanda.(more)  She is teaching at New Pisgah Daycare in Auburn Gresham in Chicago and completed a Master’s in Education in 2017.  (10/2017)

Sonja Meintsma ’13 (Wayzata, MN) is pursuing a Masters in Public Affairs, focusing on sustainability, sustainable development and international development, at University of Indiana–Bloomington in the School for Environmental and Public Affairs.

Julia Gartzke ’13, worked as AmeriCorps Promise Fellow, Check & Connect @ Lucy Laney, Minneapolis, MN. (2/2015)

Sophie Navarro ’16 (San Francisco, CA) is pursuing a graduate degree in Asian American Studies at San Francisco State University.

Angela Butel ’13 (Minneapolis, MN) starts grad school Fall ’17 in Urban Policy Analysis and Management, New School, New York City.  She gained experience working at the Office for Social Justice of Catholic Charities, Twin Cities, as the Community Engagement and Leadership Specialist, doing community organizing and outreach with parishes to help them do more social justice work. Most recently she was a part of the City of Minneapolis Innovation Team, which has shaped her interest in learning more about cities’ approaches to innovation, community engagement, and building racial equity as she begins her graduate studies. (5/2017)

Anissa Abdel-Jelil ’15 (Mauritanian-American) is at Harvard Divinity School pursuing a Masters of Divinity. After graduating from Macalester, she moved to the East Bay, on a fellowship, to study Spirituality and Social Change at the Pacific School of Religion. She then went on to work as the Communications and Outreach Coordinator for the United Religions Initiative in North America, a global grassroots interfaith network, where she amplified the work of grassroots peacebuilders addressing the fear and hate-based rhetoric and violence present within their communities. (March 2017).

Mikaela H Rogozen-Soltar ’03 (Bainbridge Island, Washington) has an exciting new book published, Spain Unmoored: Migration, Conversion, and the Politics of Islam.  Since Mac, Mikaela attended U Michigan, held post docs at Emory and Yale, and now is an assistant professor in Anthropology at U Nevada-Reno. She also had an article featured in the Conformity and Conflict book, edited by Professor Dianna Shandy with Dave McCurdy. (2/2017)

Carolyn Filardo ’16 (Woburn, MA) is a studying nursing at MGH Institute of Health Professions, Winchester Hospital, Woburn, Massachusetts.

Sasha Lansky ’14 (Amherst, MA) is the Senior Associate in Human Rights Watch’s International Justice Program, which works to ensure accountability for war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity. Sasha is also a shop steward for the Communication Workers of America Local 1180 union where she fights for workers’ rights in the nonprofit sector. Sasha received Honorable Mention for the 2014 Nancy “Penny” Schwartz  Undergraduate Essay Award from the Association of Africanist Anthropology (AfAA) for her honors paper, “My Brother Before Me: The Role and Experience of Local Humanitarian Aid Workers In Eastern Cameroon.” (1/2017)

Chelsea Hansen ’13 (Vashon, WA) is working as a museum curator in Washington, D.C. for the National Law Enforcement Museum, which will officially open in 2018. “I am very excited about it, because the staff at the museum are very conscious about interpreting the history of law enforcement in the united states in open and honest ways… and are actively trying to build relationships and foster conversations between police and the public.  Thank you [to Prof. Gonzalez] for encouraging me to pursue my passion for museums and history.” Chelsea received her Masters in Public History at American University in Washington, DC, and also interned for the National Museum of American History conducting research and producing content for the new exhibit called The Value of Money, developed a public program for NMAH’s exhibit called “How Do You Fix a Broken Heart?,” and interned at Tudor Place in Georgetown developing a historic tour focused on the early Republic period of Georgetown. (12/2016)

Sarah Koehler ’13 (Fort Collins, CO) is completing a Master’s degree in Applied Statistics at Colorado State University, graduating spring ’17.  Her research entails developing statistical software for environmental epidemiologists. She previously completed a Fulbright research grant in Sri Lanka studying dance (2013-14).  “In my downtime, I use my anthropology skills working with patients as a volunteer at Planned Parenthood.”  (12/2016)

Allison Stewart ’11 (Greenwich, CT) recently completed her MA in Food Systems from NYU, and is now working at a venture capital firm investing in food tech startups.  (12/2016)

Joey Dobsen ’11 is working as a housing attorney at Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid in Minneapolis.  (12/2016)

Sonja Meintsma ’13 (Minnetonka, MN) is a Peace Corps Volunteer in Zambia doing agricultural and forestry extension work in the Eastern Province since Feb. 2015 and will be finished in April 2017. “I can’t say how much I appreciated all the knowledge and skills I learned from Macalester and the Anthro dept in preparing me and guiding me throughout my service.” She is looking forward to coming back home and hoping to go to grad school for a Masters in Public Affairs in the fall to focus on a mixture of environmental development and sustainability and international development. (12/2016)

Tyler Martinson (’12)  is working as a Clinical Research Associate and Care Coordinator at the Research Foundation for SUNY, which is the largest research foundation in the Country.  (12/2016)

Jonathan Goh (’15) is a junior researcher at Fusion Hill, a marketing agency in the Twin Cities.  (12/2016)

Antara Nader (’15) is working in Saint Paul, MN as an Advocacy Intern at JustLeadershipUSA, an organization dedicated to reducing the US correctional population.  (12/2016)

Madeline Graham (’10) is currently pursuing a degree in Nonprofit Organization Management, focusing on web design. Previously, she was a communications coordinator at EMERGE, a community development organization in Minneapolis, MN.  (12/2016)

Cecilia Mayer ’16 (Seattle, WA) is living in the Indonesian jungle with orangutans and her best travel buddy, research partner, and fellow Mac Anthro/Art major Katherine Meier ’16. She and Katherine are living in Kalimantan, Indonesia (commonly known as Borneo) at the Tuanan Orangutan Research Site with other researchers. She is research assistant for Dr. Erin Vogel from Rutgers University on a project entitled “Long-term patterns of Protein Regulation, Nutritional Stress, and Health in Wild Bornean Orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus wurmbii).” The work involves following wild orangutans, observing their behavior, and collecting samples of their food and urine to add to Dr. Vogel’s long-term study on nutrition, and to give Cecilia a unique opportunity to do intense and amazing field work.  (12/2016)

Katherine Meier ’16 (Madison, CT) is spending 2016-17 in Indonesia working for the Tuanan Orangutan Research Program (see description above).  (12/2016)

Kwame Gayle ’11 (Jamaica) received the 2016 Educational Equity Scholarship from American University, Washington, D.C., to pursue a graduate degree in the School of Education. His trajectory after Mac positioned him to receive this scholarship, which requires strong academic achievement and a record of community service. After graduating from Mac with an anthropology major, a concentration in African studies, and a minor in American Studies, he taught English in Japan, then became a Princeton in Africa Fellow and taught history and geography in Botswana, after which he returned to Jamaica and taught English as a second language (ESL) to Venezuelan engineers.  (12/2016)

Sophie Macks ’16 (San Francisco, CA) is on a year-long fellowship doing AVODAH’s Jewish Service Corps in Chicago, IL.  (5/2016)

Andrea Grimaldi ’16 (Lima, Peru) is a Health and Wellness Assistant Coordinator at Centro Tyrone Guzman, a Latino community organization in Minneapolis, MN, run by and for Latinos, to improve the livelihoods of Latino families in the Twin Cities. This is where she did her Chuck Green Fellowship.  (5/2016)

Beth Moretzsky ’13 (Randolph, NJ) is getting an MA in Anthropology, Medical Concentration from George Washington University. Formerly she worked doing qualitative research, STEM, and nutrition policy research at a public policy firm and grant writing and development at a cancer support nonprofit, both in Washington, D.C. (1/2016)

Lucky Homesombath ’10 (Victoria, MN) received her Masters in Science with an emphasis in Community Health at Mankato State University, MN, this past may and plans on continuing her passion for healthcare and moving toward her career goal of coordinating healthcare programs.

Zoe Tomasello ’13 is a professional development assistant at Inner-City Arts, Los Angeles, CA.

Katherine Ehrenreich, ’14 (Deerfield, IL) is an Associate Technical Advisor at Population Services International (PSI) in Laos working on the Women’s Health Project. She previously interned with the World Health Organization Maternal and Child Health Unit in Laos. (1/2016)

Rebecca Erdman ’14 (Whittemore, IA) is a Public Health Outreach Specialist at Children’s Dental Services in northeast Minneapolis. CDS is a non-profit dental clinic that serves low-income and pregnant woman across Minnesota. She does a wide variety of things, such as health outreach, grant writing, helping patients navigate the insurance process, and interpreting for Spanish-speaking patients in the clinic.

Danielle Klein-Kanter ’14 (Mercer Island, WA) is a social media and brand specialist at Vynna. See what she is working on here. Danielle has also had experience working as a conservation intern at Alice Bear Conservation of Works of Art on Paper in Seattle, WA, and as a market research intern with Ipsos of North America.

Rachel Mueller ’13 (Glenwood Springs, CO) received honorable mention for the 2013 Nancy “Penny” Schwartz Undergraduate Essay Award from the Association of Africanist Anthropology (AfAA) for her honors paper, “The Spirits are my Neighbors: A Gender Perspective on the Spirit World in Dakar, Senegal.” The Association recognized the strength of her work, which impressively incorporated in-depth fieldwork within the framework of Africanist anthropology.  (10/2014)

Kathryn Howell ’14 works for the Institute of Medicine as a Senior Program Assistant for the Forum on Drug Development, Washington, DC.

Kate Adelsheim ’14 (Albuquerque,  NM) has won the  2014 Mikiso Hane Prize for the Best undergraduate paper for her essay, “Sterilization in Urban India: Navigating Systemic Influences on Family Decision-Making in Indian Families.” The prize is awarded by the Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs. (12/2014)

Gina Megson ’14 (Happy Valley, OR) is pursuing a Masters of Public Health in Health Services at the University of Washington in Seattle starting fall 2016.  (9/2016)

Sarah Rasmussen ’14 (Wayzata, MN) is a research assistant at Johns Hopkins Medicine.  Previously, she received a Fulbright research grant to work in Kathmandu and in rural far-western Nepal with female community health volunteers, looking at how they are able to create alliances among practitioners of diverse health systems, out of Bayalpata hospital, which is a health facility operated by Possible. Her project was an expansion of her honors thesis.  (12/2016)

Jessica Smith Rolston ’02 published her book, Mining Coal and Undermining Gender: Rhythms of Work and Family in the American West. (3/2014)

Katie Trostel ’09 won the 2014 Horst Frenz Prize for the best graduate student presentation at the 2013 American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA) Conference, held spring 2013 in Toronto, for her paper, “The Eye that Cries: Macro and Micro Narratives of Memory in Peru Post-Shining Path.”  The judges were impressed by her succinct blending of “monument theory” and contemporary Peruvian short fiction. combining the analyses of Katherine Hite, Paolo Drinot, Robert Nelson and of Margaret Orlin, with the short stories of Karina Pacheco Medrano. (CITATION)

Collin Calvert ’13 is a teaching assistant at the University of Minnesota school of Pharmacy. Collin was also awarded The Society for Urban, National and Transnational/Global Anthropology (SUNTA) national Undergraduate Paper Award for his senior capstone paper, entitled “Apartheid Lives On: Policing Migrants in South Africa.” SUNTA is a sub-section of the American Anthropological Association.  Collin first worked on an ethnographic study of policing in the Twin Cities for his Ethnographic Interviewing course and subsequently expanded his topic to conduct original research during Study Abroad in Durban, South Africa.

Wren Brennan ’13 (San Francisco, CAwas awarded a Fulbright teaching assistantship to Brazil and now works as a copywriter for Amplifier Strategies. (12/2016)

Rachel Higgs ’13 is working in Minneapolis for Respirtech as a Patient Advocate and Representative. She has also recently joined the board of NARAL Pro-Choice MN.

Anna Hardin ’12 is pursuing a PhD in Anthropology at the University of Minnesota and recently published an article with Professor Scott Legge in International Journal of Primatology, Vol. 34, No.5, “Geographic Variation in Nonmetric Dental Traits of the Deciduous Molars of Pan and Gorilla.”

Dominika Seblova ’11 is working with former USAID infectious disease chief Professor Christy Hanson to investigate pressing public health issues.

MaryBeth Grewe, MPH, ’10 is a Senior Research Assistant at the Institute for Global Health & Infectious Diseases/Department of Social Medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Molly Brown ’10 just completed a year as an Emergency Room Scribe and has entered the Nurse Practitioner Program at Simmon’s School of Nursing and Health Sciences, Boston, MA.

Sally Dijkerman ’10 is pursuing a master’s in public health at Emory University’s Global Health program.

Madeline Graham ’10 is a communications coordinator at EMERGE in the Twin Cities, MN.

Liz Scholz ’10 is researching and writing about consumer behavior at CEB Iconoculture.

Bryce Slinger ’10 became a Presidential Management Fellow in the Department of Defense Health Agency, working as a Physical Scientist in the newly created Office of Innovation. Starting July ’14, he is helping the agency director and Assistant Secretary of Defense harmonize biological, medical, and social science to bring best practices in health to the 9.6 million people cared for by Defense Health.

Sarah Van Etten ’10 is a returned Peace Corps volunteer (Kazakhstan) and co-founding teacher for ESL Department at KAPPA International High School, Bronx, NY,  supporting student language and literacy development.

Maggie Yates ’10 is a senior investigator at the MacArthur Justice Center in New Orleans.

Mara Forster-Smith ’09 is attending McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago.

Katharine Wood ’09 is Project Associate with TNS Custom North America, a large market research company.

Rachael Harlos ’06 will be entering the MD program at the Medical School for International Health, Ben Gurion University, Israel, in the fall.

Jonathan Rogers ’06 serves as a transportation management specialist for the District Department of Transportation’s (DDOT) Policy, Planning, and Sustainability Administration (PPSA). Jonathan formulates policies and regulatory proposals that pertain to the development of transportation systems for the District of Columbia, with particular emphasis on a multi-modal comprehensive approach. In this role Jonathan researches and drafts innovative policies and programs that balance public and private sector needs, and contributes to long-term policies and plans through quantitative and qualitative research and analysis of transportation, land-use, economic, social, and environmental trends.

Heather Buessler ’03 is traveling around the world as a Bonderman Fellow.