Fall 2023 Biology Department Seminar Schedule, Noon – 1:oo pm, Thursdays (unless otherwise noted).                          

Wed, Sep 13, Leonard Center Portico – Bio Dept Food Truck! (4:30 – 6:30 pm), Sarah Boyer

Sep 14, OLRI 350 – Welcome Back, Bio Student Reps

Sep 21, OLRI 350 – SENIORS ONLY – Pizza Lunch, Sarah Boyer

Sep 28,  Bio Dept Hallway – Scavenger Hunt!!  Mary Montgomery, Stephanie Kattar-Mell and Student Reps

Oct 5,  OLRI 250 – Adventuring Abroad:  Bio and ES Students Study Away Panel Discussion, Bio/ES Chairs, Kevin Morrison, Center For Study Away

Oct 12,  International Roundtable

Oct 19,  OLRI 350 – What Can You Do With A Mac Biology Degree? – Alumi Panel

Oct 23,  OLRI 250 – “The Cancer Immunity Cycle: Your Immune System Fighting Back Against Cancer”, Daniel S. Chen, MD, PhD, Elena Tonc

Oct 26,  Fall Break – No Seminar

Nov 2,  OLRI 350 – Planning For a Bio Major, Sarah Boyer, Liz Jansen, Student Reps

Nov 9,  OLRI 350 – “The Brains of Extinct Birds and the Potential of Digitized Museum Specimens”, Dr. Catherine Early, Science Museum of MN, Kristi Curry Rogers

Nov 16,  OLRI 350 – “Marine Mussels Under Thermal Stress: navigating environmental uncertainty in coastal ecosystems”, Mike Nishikazi, Carleton College, Sarah Boyer

Nov 23,  Thanksgiving Break – No Seminar

Nov 30,  OLRI 350 – “What Do I Do After My Bachelor’s Degree in Biology?”, Angela Dukes, PhD, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Neuroscience, University of MN, Michelle Tong

Dec 7, ORLI 350 – Dr. Brian Trieu, University of MN, Michelle Tong