Fall 2021 Biology Department Seminar Schedule, Noon – 1:oo pm, Thursdays:

Sept 16,  OLRI 100:  Welcome Back Mac Bio!  Hosted by Kristi Curry Rogers

Sept 23, OLRI 100:  Bio SENIORS Capstone Download / Seniors Only Pizza Lunch!  Hosted by Kristi Curry Rogers

Sept 30, OLRI 100:  Adventuring Abroad!  Mac Bio Students Study Away Panel Discussion

Oct 7, JBD:  Ecosystems Ecology, Conservation and Grasslands – Dan Hernandez, Carleton College

Oct 14:  International Roundtable

Oct 21:  No Seminar – Fall Break

Oct 28:  Lab “Trick or Treat”

Nov 17, OLRI 250, 3:30 – 4:30 pm:  “Expanding The Neuron Doctrine – Extracellular Mechanisms of Long-Term Memory”, Dr. Michelle Tong, University of St. Thomas

Nov 25:  No Seminar – Thanksgiving Break

Dec 2:  Hold for Neuroscience Candidate

Dec 9:  End of Semester Celebration