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Majors & Minors


Major & Minors

All biology majors complete a common core of biology courses and additional supporting courses the math and chemistry departments. Beyond this common core, students may design their biology major as they wish.

Some students choose to take a broad course of study in the discipline thus maximizing exposure to diverse disciplinary concepts and knowledge and providing a strong background for specialization at the graduate level. Alternatively, some majors choose to focus on a particular subdiscipline of biology or on the intersection of biology with another discipline.

Although not required, many biology majors participate in a research experience. This can take place during the summer or during the academic year. Ordinarily, students complete this research during their junior or senior year after significant coursework in biology and supporting disciplines has been completed.

To declare a biology major, students must identify a biology department faculty member who will serve as their primary academic advisor. Students planning to double major must add a biology faculty member to their advising team. The next step is to complete a major planning form, review the plan with your biology advisor, and have them sign it. Lastly, contact the Biology Department Chair to share your completed and signed major plan. They will notify the Registrar via Degreeworks that you have declared your major.

To declare a biology minor, students should complete the Minor Planning Form. Email the completed form to the Biology Department Chair, who will notify the Registrar via Degreeworks that you have declared your minor.