Biology majors pursue many exciting opportunities after Mac, and the Career Development Center stands ready to assist students, whatever their objectives.

Rick Beckel ’15 (Bellingham, Wash.) spent the summer as a global environmental justice intern at the University of Maryland Law School.

Lilly Bock-Brownstein ’15 (Burlington, Vt.) spent the summer studying the effects of grazing on migratory songbird populations in Montana.

Annalise Bokenkamp ’15 (Loudonville, Ohio) is pursuing a master’s degree in ecology and environmental science at the University of Glasgow in Scotland.

Modestas Filipavicˇius ’15 (Šiauliai, Lithuania) is pursuing a PhD in medicinal chemistry at the University of Washington.

Kendra Komoto ’15 (Rice Lake, Wis.) is pursuing a master’s degree in public health and epidemiology at Columbia University.

Zoe Leanza ’15 (Boulder, Colo.) is a Peace Corps volunteer in Ethiopia.

Melena Suliteanu ’15 (Eugene, Ore.) is working at an urban farm in Berkeley, Calif.

Tiffani Turinski ’15 (Watertown, Wis.) is attending veterinary school at the University of Wisconsin.

Amanda Wareham ’15 (Corfu, N.Y.) is working as the Midwest sustainability fellow for the food company Bon Appetit.

Alyssa Ashbaugh ’14 (Madison, Wis.) is working as a research assistant in a lab in the Dermatology Department. at Johns Hopkins University.

Bradley Buse ’14 (St. Louis, Mo.) is working as an emergency room patient care technician in St. Louis, Missouri.

Sarah Couser ’14 (Middleton, Wis.) is attending medical school at Tufts University.

Ben Dugoni ’14 (Portland, Ore.) is working as a technician in an animal hospital.

Chase Kahn ’14 (Cooper City, Fla.) is working as an EMT in Miami, Florida. Marta LeFevre-Levy ’14 (Wayland, Mass.) is working with the Oregon Bureau of Land Management studying plant succession following forest fires

Ellen Palmquist ’14 (Fort Collins, Colo.) spent the summer working with the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board as a member of the Aquatic Invasive Species educator/inspector crew.

Max Soghikian ’14 (Piedmont, Calif.) is attending medical school at Northwestern University.

Kai Cowger ’13 (Westerville, Ohio) is pursuing a master’s degree in public health at Columbia University.

Linnea Swanson ’14 (St. Paul, Minn.) is attending medical school at the University of Minnesota.

Kate Hamilton ’13 (Altadena, Calif.) is working in the Twin Cities with United Health Group’s Leadership Acceleration Program.

Daimon Hardy ’13 (Atlanta, Ga.) is teaching school in Atlanta as part of Teach for America.

Emily Humphreys ’13 (Eau Claire, Wis.) is a student at the New England College of Optometry in Boston.

Clare MacMillen ’13 (Sturgeon Bay, Wis.) is in the Peace Corps in Cameroon. Abas Noor ’13 (New Hope, Minn.) is in medical school at Brown University.

Nathan Scheiner ’13 (Vadnais Heights, Minn.) is in medical school at the University of Minnesota, where he is also pursuing a master’s in bioethics.

Jason Schrad ’13 (Lincoln, Neb.) is in a PhD program in biomolecular science at Michigan State University.

Haley Yerxa ’13 (Carouge, Switzerland) is working with FEMA in Baltimore, where she is assisting with disaster-relief efforts.

Caitlin Baker ’12 (St. Louis Park, Minn.) is working as a research assistant at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C.

Samantha DelSerra ’12 (Scranton, Pa.) is in a master’s program in applied evolution at Stony Brook University.

Adrienne Epstein ’12 (Providence, R.I.) is serving in the Peace Corps in Guinea.

Tanaya Ghosh ’12 (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) is working as a field organizer in a U.S. congressional campaign.

Katrina Krogh ’12 (North Oaks, Minn.) is in medical school at New York Medical College.

Madison Mack ’12 (St. Louis, Mo.) is working in a research lab at the Minnesota Masonic Cancer Center.

Derek Ochi ’12 (San Diego, Calif.) is teaching 9th grade biology for Teach for America in Los Angeles.

Kristen Ross ’12 (Mandeville, Jamaica) is working in an animal emergency clinic in New Jersey.

Jansen Smith ’12 (La Crosse, Wis.) is in a PhD progrprogram in geology at Cornell University.

Mike Snavely ’12 (Minneapolis, Minn.) is teaching high school biology in Botswanna.

Joel Soma ’12 (Harmony, Minn.) is working in a vaccine research lab in the Twin Cities.

Jaye Gardiner ’11 (Chicago, Ill.) is in a PhD program in cancer biology at UW-Madison.

Mathew Starner ’11 (Thornton, Colo.) is working as a lab tech at Cyrex Laboratories in Arizona.

Matthew Elliot ’11 (El Paso, Texas) is teaching high school in El Paso, Texas.

Cheryl Zogg’11 (Fargo, N.D.) is in a master’s of science program in international public health at Johns Hopkins University.

Ruth Conkling ’11 (Norfolk, Va.), a double major in biology and german, received a Fulbright Fellowship and is teaching English in Germany while also researching contemporary German identity in literature and film.

Ethan Forsgren ’11 (Ames, Iowa) is in Caracas, Venezuela, organizing community emergency response courses. 

Christina Fitzsimmons ’11 (Camp Hill, Pa.) is in a PhD program in chemical biology at University of California–San Francisco.  

Willem Laursen ’11 (Charleston, Ill.) is a research fellow at the National Institutes of Health in the area of child health and human development. 

Nathan Juergens ’11 (St. Paul, Minn.) is at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Addiction in Washington, D.C. working on research in the laboratory of molecular pathophysiology. 

Estela Shabani ’11 (Vlore, Albania) is working as a project manager for the healthcare software company Epic Systems Corporation in Madison, Wis.

Zoe Hastings ’11 (Elkhorn, Wis.) is working as a researcher at the Virgin Island Environmental Research Station on St. John, where she is investigating the impact of sedimentation on coral reefs.  

Leonor Añó ’10 (San Juan, Argentina) is in a PhD program in molecular and cancer biology at Duke University.

Sandolsam Cha ’10 (Pyuntaek City, Rep. of Korea) is at East Virginia Medical School.

Katherine Erickson-Pearson ’10 (Centennial, Colo.) is working as an Emergency Department scribe at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, Minn.

Grace Goetzke ’10 (St. Paul, Minn.) is working at American Medical Systems.

Aliye Goksun ’10 (Nicosia, Cyprus) is pursuing a master’s degree in immunology and infectious diseases in the United Kingdom.

Kasey Hoey ’10 (Cannon Falls, Minn.) is pursuing a PhD in neurophysiology at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

Lucky Homesombath ’10 (Victoria, Minn.) will be entering a graduate program in optometry in Texas in the fall of 2011 after working for a year with “Eyes for the Needy.”

Alyssa Leone ’10 (Burlington, Iowa) is in the physical therapy graduate program at Washington University.

Emil Mellgren ’10 (Shoreview, Minn.) is working as a research assistant in a cancer immunotherapy laboratory at the University of Minnesota.

Huong Nguyen ’10 (New Richmond, Wis.) is working as a project manager for the healthcare software company Epic Systems Corporation in Madison, Wis.

Radostin Penchev ’10 (Sofia, Bulgaria) is working as a research assistant in a laboratory investigating renal fibrosis at Brigham & Women’s Hospital.

Ryan Peters ’10 (Kohler, Wis.) is in dental school at the University of Pennsylvania.

Kira Spencer ’10 (Geneseo, N.Y.) is in a PhD program in neuroscience at the University of California at Davis.

Helen Thomas ’10 (Coon Rapids, Iowa) is in medical school at Michigan State University.

Nate Wegmann ’10 (St. Paul, Minn.) is working with Roche Diagnostics in their Global Medical Affairs unit.

Sam Wershow ’10 (Salem, Ore.) is working on the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Trout Survey in the western United States.

Ayse Yorgancioglu ’10 (Nicosia, Cyprus) is pursuing a master’s degree in medical microbiology in the United Kingdom.

Zachary Schwager ’10 (East Greenwich, R.I.) is in medical school at Brown University.