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Student Opportunities and Support

We offer our students stimulating and challenging classes. But, students’ learning opportunities extend well beyond the classroom. Our students study abroad, pursue internships, and participate in a variety of research experiences. All of these activities can be undertaken during the semester, over the summer, or during January. Importantly, we provide students considerable guidance and support to ensure that they are able to identify the best opportunities or themselves.



Our urban location provides nearly endless internship opportunities for students. In the past five years, more than 100 Mac Bio students have done internships at more than eighty different sites.


Support from the college and from grants to individual faculty members provides summer research stipends to more than fifteen students, enabling them to work with faculty on research projects in areas such as immunology, neurobiology, aquatic ecology, terrestrial ecology, paleobiology, evolution, molecular genetics, and biochemistry.

Innovation Scholars

The Innovation Scholars Program is a collaborative effort between the Mayo Clinic, early stage medical companies in the Twin Cities, and selected Minnesota private colleges. Multidisciplinary teams of students analyze biomedical innovations and their potential through final reports and recommendations