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Stotra Chakrabarti

Assistant Professor
Animal Behavior, Wildlife Conservation, Organismal Biology

Olin-Rice Science Center 211



Professor Chakrabarti is a behavioral ecologist and conservation biologist
studying why and how animals do what they do, and how that affects their interactions
with humans. His research entails observing wild animals in their natural settings either
personally or through remote cameras, systems ranging from lions, wolves, deer,
elephants, and beavers across the hot and dry savannas in India and East Africa, to cold
and snowy boreal forests of North America. His research questions address the
evolution of sociality, mating strategies, predator-prey interactions, and human-wildlife
conflict mitigation. Stotra is deeply invested in communicating and teaching science in
classrooms and outside. His classes at Mac provide students with hands-on experiences
of working with and understanding animals. He mentors students who are interested in
the natural world, and its array of ecological correlates. He’s a big fan of poetry, soccer,
ping-pong, philosophy and cheesecakes.
Courses: 1. Animal Behavior: Fundamentals & Applications, 2. Wildlife Monitoring
Techniques, 3. Wildlife Conservation in the Anthropocene, 4. Ecology & Environment

Snippet from one of Stotra’s recent courses:

B.S. Presidency College, Calcutta University 2011

M.S. Wildlife Sciences, Wildlife Institute of India 2013

Ph.D. Wildlife Sciences, Forest Research Institute University India, 2018

Postdoc: University of Minnesota 2021