Visiting Assistant Professor
Animal Behavior

Olin-Rice Science Center 211



Professor Chakrabarti is behavioral ecologist studying why and how animals do what they do. His study systems are typically field based and immersive, observing animal interactions in their natural settings. His fundamental research addresses questions regarding the evolution of sociality, optimal strategies such as mating systems, group size and predator-prey size efficiency, animal cultures, using a diverse set of biological models: from lions to wolves, elephants and deer. His applied research currently involves habitat modelling, movement ecology, survival and mortality assessment, reintroduction planning, corridor connectivity, and human-wildlife conflict mitigation. He mentors students who are interested in animal behavior and its array of ecological correlates. While studying carnivore behavior remains pivotal for his research,  the questions are more important than the system. Professor Chakrabarti teaches: 1. Animal Behavior: fundamentals and application with lab (upper level course),  2. Wildlife Conservation in the Anthropocene: an international perspective (seminar course), 3. Wildlife Monitoring Techniques with lab (upper level course), and 4. Ecology & the Environment. He’s a big fan of poetry, soccer, philosophy and cheesecakes.

B.S. Presidency College, Calcutta University 2011

M.S. Wildlife Institute of India 2013

Ph.D. Forest Research Institute, India, 2018

Postdoc: University of Minnesota 2021