The purpose of this form is to define what banking information is needed for domestic and foreign wire payments.

Required  Information Description Domestic Example Foreign Example
Currency   Payment currency type Dollars Euro
Domestic or Foreign Domestic = U.S.

Foreign = outside of U.S.

Domestic Foreign
Beneficiary Name Person or Company receiving funds Jan Doe or XYZ Company Jan Doe or XYZ Company
Beneficiary Address Street / PO Box

City, State, Zip


1600 Grand Ave

Saint Paul, MN 55105




Beneficiary Bank Account or IBAN International Bank Account Number

Consists of:

  • Account number
  • Country code
  • Numeric verification key
3101269855 DE96502304005602675019
Bank Name Name of banking institution Wells Fargo Royal Bank of Scotland
Bank Address Street / PO Box

City, State, Zip


100 Nicollet Ave

Minneapolis, MN 55113


Clays Bank BLC 9/18

Von Trapp RD

Frankfurt, Germany

Bank SWIFT Code Society for Worldwide Interbank       Financial Telecommunication DEUTUS33XXX
Bank ABA Routing American Bankers Association 021001033


Guidelines for Designated Approval Levels by Dollar Amount and Job Title
  • Academic Coordinator
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Academic Chair
  • Administrative Specialist
  • Administrative Manager
  • Administrative Supervisor
  • Provost
  • Assistant Director or Director
  • Assistant V.P.
  • Wire transfer payment requests require the same level of approval as all other types of expenditure requests
  • Route wire transfer payment requests to Purchasing & Accounts Payable Manager
Bank Fee Charged to Department
Domestic $30
Foreign $30

Download the Wire Transfer Request (PDF)