Lives of Commitment 2018-19 Student Leaders

The student leaders were asked to answer the following questions:
1) What is your favorite thing about LOC?
2) What is your favorite thing to do in the Twin Cities?
3) If you could make any ice cream flavor that doesn’t exist, what would it be?

Efua Sey
1) Hi everyone! My name is Efua and one of my favorite things about LOC is the fact that not only do we get to meet other first-years and go to fun places before school starts but we also get to meet as a large group throughout the year and reconnect with those we can’t see often during the year.
2) My favorite thing to do in the Twin Cities is to walk/jog to the Mississippi River in the summer.
3)  I would easily create fluffy unicorn ice cream.

 Charlotte Gorham 
1) Hey everybody, welcome to LOC! My name is Charlie and one of my favorite things about LOC is the preorientation retreat! It is so great to get to know people before orientation starts, especially LOC folks 😉 We also get to tour cool parts of the cities, which is a nice introduction to life at Mac!
2) One of my favorite things I did this year in the Twin Cities was visit the Minnesota State Fair in the winter. When it’s cold, they have awesome ice sculptures and toboggan rides.
3) I would definitely create croissant ice cream.

Sam Hickman
1) My favorite part of LOC is to walk out of classes and into an afternoon of fun and civic engagement! It’s something to look forward to every week.
2) One of my favorite things to do in the Twin Cities is to go biking around Lake Harriet and Bde Maka Ska. When LOC tours around these lakes in the fall, make sure to come back in the spring.
3) I’m sure it probably exists already… but I would make some coconut ice cream.

Sophia Pincus-Kazmar

1) My favorite part about LOC is getting to meet lots of awesome new people, both in LOC and at the volunteer sites! Being in LOC gave me a strong group of friends that I know I can always turn to. Also, I’ve met so many amazing people at my volunteer site. The connections I made this year through LOC are so special and important to me.
2.) My favorite thing to do in the Twin Cities is go to art museums, especially the Minneapolis Institute of Art! There’s so much amazing art available everywhere, I definitely think everyone should take advantage of it. I also love that there’s so much great food to try in the Twin Cities!
3)  I’m not sure if this already exists, but I’d love to try lavender ice cream!

Jenna Jereb 
1) My favorite part about LOC is all the awesome people I get to meet, spend time with, and form friendships with. Not only is the pre-orientation retreat an awesome time to meet everyone, but I love the LOC community that forms even stronger bonds throughout the school year. It’s so amazing to see the same faces throughout the year every other week in small/large group and some faces every week for volunteering!
2) My favorite thing to do in the Twin Cities is going to all sorts of fun places to eat! (especially ice cream places!!) There are so many cool places to eat in the Cities and I don’t think I’ll every get sick of trying new places!
3) I think I would love a raspberry ice cream that has chocolate swirls in it and also those little mini raspberry chocolate truffles. Maybe even with extra raspberry swirls or raspberry pieces too? It’d be so good.

Maddie Tuggle 
1) My favorite part of LOC is getting the chance to leave behind classes and studying for a little bit, and have the chance to really step back and reflect over how I’m feeling and especially to get to hear how others are doing, especially people I don’t get to see all the time.
2) It’s hard to say what my favorite thing to do in the Twin Cities is, as I’m really indecisive, but I love how much there is to do here! I come from a pretty small town so I’m always excited to go exploring, especially to thrift stores and coffee shops, and being able to always find someplace new to visit.
3) I would love orange Dreamsicle ice cream! I know Dreamsicles are technically ice cream, but I can easily eat three in one sitting, so I’d love to buy that stuff by the gallon.

Anna Kleven

1) My favorite thing about LoC this year was gaining familiarity with neighborhoods in Minneapolis and St. Paul. I grew up here, but I hadn’t heard of many of the business and organizations we visited this year to orient ourselves to the neighborhoods where we volunteer. On LoC retreats and at your site you learn immigrant histories and meet local activists, entrepreneurs, and artists. LoC has rooted me even more deeply in the Twin Cities and affirmed my decision to stay here for school.
2) My favorite thing to do in the Twin Cities depends on the season.  In winter I like to cross country ski the Luminary Loppet on Bde Make Ska. In spring, I love the Mayday parade and yard sales. No matter the season, if the lakes aren’t iced over, I’m swimming.
3) Salty dark chocolate and chili.

Lu Li

1)  My favorite thing about LoC is all the positive affirmations and encouragement that I gain as well as give to others. I did not realize that I can leave so many positive impact on others before I join LoC. Throughout this year, I had the opportunity to meet many truly good-hearted people at LoC and learn from them. While appreciating others, I also had opportunities to realize my own sparkling points. It really helps me promote self-love and be more confident.
2)  My favorite thing to do in the Twin Cities is exploring different antique stores. I also enjoy running to the Mississippi a lot!
3)  I would make a flavor of cat food. So that my cat can have ice cream as well!

Lindsay Weber                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        1) My favorite part of LOC is just getting to break out of the Macalester bubble once a week and immerse myself in a totally different environment. Getting to make connections with people and communities outside of Mac is really important for me, and I’m grateful that LOC has given me the opportunity to do that, and serve the community in the process.

2)  Going to concerts! There’s a really great music scene in the Twin Cities and lots of cool artists come here. I saw Lorde in March at the Excel Energy Center, and Bad Bad Hats (who are all Mac alums) at the 7th Street Entry in back in December!
3) Avocado.
Meet the LOC Student Coordinator, Eleanor Hohulin


Hello! I am a senior from outside of Chicago (Glen Ellyn IL). I am an Art History major and have Media and Environmental Studies minors. At Mac, besides LOC, I am a tour guide and have a radio show. Additionally, I love tea and biking. I am so excited to be the student leader for next year to continue in my fourth year a part of LOC.

I have always loved meeting new people and engaging with moments of transition. That is what propelled me to apply for LOC before my first-year at Mac, looking at this very page. I continue to meet people through reflection with new friendly faces in the Macalester community and beyond. I’ve met close friends, mentored and been mentored, and built deep connections and engaged in important topics central to unpacking my transition to college and into many new communities.

Through LOC, I have worked with WISE–Women’s Initiative for Self Empowerment, an afterschool group focused on supporting female identifying teens working on English and applying to college, at Open Door Learning Center where I taught pre-beginning English, and at Common Bond Communities, tutoring a sixth grader. These civic engagement experiences have been immensely different, but all fostered trusting mentoring and teaching relationships with communities throughout the Twin Cities. Exploring the Twin Cities is one of my favorite parts of going to Macalester, and LOC has further expanded my conception of the Twin Cities, helping me become familiar early on with all the Cities have to offer and enabling me to get off campus every week.

I’m looking forward to another year of engagement, reflection, and community with new faces to Mac. I can’t wait to meet you all and begin to explore the Twin Cities and our passions and commitments together!

I’m looking forward to another year of service, reflection, and community with new faces to Mac. I can’t wait to meet you all and begin to explore the Twin Cities and our passions and commitments together!