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Community Organizing Cohort

“The work of social justice should be grounded in one’s own authenticity and liberation rather than pure achievement or the quest to save others.”

Vivian Ihekoronye ’13

The Community Organizing Cohort is a space to learn and practice the principles and skills of organizing. Community Engagement Center staff and professional organizers host this semester-long space for students to explore their personal connection to injustice and to find their place in movements for social change.

Participants in this group work to articulate their self-interests, share stories, learn about the nature of power, and relate to legislative or electoral decisions in Minnesota. This cohort serves those who know little about organizing and those wanting to develop further.

Organizers from ISAIAH accompany students on this journey. ISAIAH is a movement of people of faith and good will who act collectively and powerfully towards racial and economic equity in the state of Minnesota.

The Community Engagement Center also offers additional trainings and experiences throughout the year to help students learn the skills and principles of organizing.

Contact Derek at [email protected] for more info or to get involved!