These faculty are members of the steering committee for the Community and Global Health concentration. Links direct you to faculty profile pages in their home department.

Eric D. Carter
  • Eric D. Carter
  • Edens Associate Professor of Geography and Global Health and Director, Community and Global Health concentration
  • medical, human-environment, Latin America
  • 651-696-6704
Vittorio Addona
Ron Barrett
  • Ron Barrett
  • Associate Professor of Anthropology
  • Medical and cultural anthropology, infectious disease, death and dying, India, United States
  • 651-696-6626
Devavani Chatterjea
Christy Hanson
  • Christy Hanson
  • Associate Professor of International Studies
  • Dynamics between poverty, health care seeking behavior and health system response, particularly for the care of infectious diseases.
  • 651-696-6170
Liz Jansen
Daniel Kaplan
Jaine Strauss
Steve Sundby