Survival analysis and sports statistics

Olin-Rice Science Center, 229


Professor Addona’s research falls into three broad categories: survival analysis, sports statistics, and election audits. His doctoral work was in survival analysis, a statistical field often employed in medical studies of time-to-event data. Since coming to Macalester, he has become interested in developing election audit procedures to verify computerized vote tallies. He has also published sports statistics research jointly with students, and accompanies them to conferences where they present their work. Vittorio teaches across the Statistics curriculum: introductory modeling, probability, mathematical statistics, and an applied survival analysis course. He also serves on the Community and Global Health steering committee. In his spare time, Vittorio enjoys following his favorite sports teams, spending time with his wife Isadora, and their son, Fabian, and reading.

  • BS: McGill University, 2000
  • Master’s: McGill University, 2002
  • PhD: McGill University, 2006