Importance of advising: Your exact schedule will be determined only after consultation with your major advisor. Seeking advice on your major plan in your first year is strongly recommended.

The first two years: A typical data science major is recommended to take the following courses in the first two years: Statistics/Comp 112 and 212; Mathematics 236 (after 135, 137 or 279); Statistics 155 and 253; Computer Science 120 or 123 and 127  

Plan ahead for advanced courses: Be aware that upper-level electives may have prerequisites so plan accordingly. Stat 354 is a prerequisite for many 400-level Statistics courses. Computer Science 221 is a prerequisite for some 400-level Computer Science courses. 400-level Math courses may have a prerequisite of Math 312, 365, or 379.

Interested in graduate school?  If you are interested in pursuing graduate study, consult with an advisor in the MSCS department to discuss the most appropriate choices. You should also seek out opportunities to apply statistics to real data problems in your junior and senior years.

Carefully read the requirements for the Data Science major as listed in the college catalog. Data Science Major