NOTE: It is the policy in our department to not declare MSCS majors and minors for first-semester, first-year students.

To declare a major in the MSCS Department:

  1. Review the Major Requirements.
  2. Open and Copy the MSCS Major Planning Form. You will need to be logged in to Google using your Macalester email address to access this file.
  3. You will not be able to edit this form, but you should make a Copy of it and fill it in with your information, the MSCS courses you have taken so far, and if you know them, the courses you hope to take.  It is okay if you are unsure what courses to take. Name the file with your name.
  4. Set up a meeting with a member of the department to discuss and update your plan. This need not be your official college advisor. It is typically someone who you have had a class or two from. If it happens that you do not know someone to serve in this roll for you, see the department chair.
  5. You will need to Share the plan with this faculty member. The faculty member will move your plan to a shared MSCS folder. This plan is only for planning purposes; it is not an official major declaration, nor will you be required to do exactly what is on the plan.
  6. After you have met with the faculty member, then meet with the appropriate area coordinator, who will look over the plan and declare your major on DegreeWorks:
    1. Computer Science Coordinator: Susan Fox
    2. Applied Math and Statistics Coordinator: Alicia Johnson
    3. Math Coordinator: Andrew Beveridge

To declare a Mathematics, Statistics, or Computer Science minor in the MSCS Department:

  1. Review the Minor Requirements.
  2. Make a List of the courses for the minor you have taken and plan to take, and
  3. Bring that list to the appropriate area coordinator, who will look over your list and declare your major on DegreeWorks.
    1. Computer Science: Susan Fox
    2. Statistics: Alicia Johnson
    3. Math: Andrew Beveridge

To declare a Data Science minor in the MSCS Department:

  1. Review the Data Science Minor Requirements
  2. Open the Data Science Planning Form (Google Doc, Macalester login required), make a copy of it, and fill it out.
  3. Share the Planning Form with David Shuman (, the MSCS Data Science Coordinator.
  4. Set up a meeting with Professor Shuman to approve your proposal.