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Liz Jansen

Assistant Professor of Biology (NTT)
Neuroscience and human reproductive biology

Olin-Rice Science Center, 200c

Professor Jansen is a neuroscientist with research experience in neural plasticity and regeneration in animal models of ischemia and pain.  She directs the Taylor Fellowship Program and the Winter Mann-Hill Fellowship and is Director of The Olin-Rice Hub.  She serves on the steering committee for the interdisciplinary concentration in Community and Global Health and the neuroscience major, is an HPAC advisor and is Academic Program Director for the Mayo Innovation Scholars Program.  Jansen is active in consulting and outreach in neuroscience and women’s health and biology.  She teaches courses in neuroscience and human reproductive biology.  She enjoys rollerblading, biking, and traveling with her family.

BA: University of St. Thomas, 1986

PhD: University of Minnesota, 1997