Visiting Instructor

Old Main 407



Fade Manley is a classicist who focuses on the literature of the Roman Republic, especially comedy and poetry. They look at ancient writing in its original context as it reflects and argues with cultural views of status and identity, in areas like gender, sexuality, slavery, and profession. Their current project is a doctoral thesis titled “Social Interactions Among Slaves and Sex Workers In Plautus.””

After getting a B.A. from Occidental College in English literature, Fade decided that Latin and Greek were even more interesting and switched to a focus on the literature of those ancient languages at the University of Texas in Austin. They proceeded to enter the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities) with interests in Pliny the Elder, Lucian, Catullus, and Plautus, where they were able to focus more on slavery in ancient Rome.

Fade has taught introductory Latin many times, and has strong opinions on textbook choices accordingly; they have also led students through Greek myth, Roman history, and the occasional guest lecture on sex work in Roman comedy. They enjoy teaching all types of ancient Greek and Roman literature, culture, and language, as well as discussing etymology at the drop of a hat. When not busy with academia, they play video games and write fiction that has nothing to do with classics. Their dog is named Adverb and has not mastered any Latin grammar at all.