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Recent English grad Jackie Perman ’16 has been published on the Local Current Blog. Jackie wrote this piece for her Narrative Journalism course she took this spring with Stephen Smith. Congratulations Jackie!

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‘Dome home’/punk rock movie filmed in Minnesota opens Friday | Pioneer Press | May 22, 2018
“The House of Tomorrow,” which was partly filmed in Minnesota in 2016, opens this week in Minneapolis. Starring Ellen Burstyn and featuring Nick Offerman and Asa Butterfield, the movie is based on a novel by Macalester grad/English professor Peter Bognanni ‘01. A coming-of-age drama about a kid, his grandmother, his new pal and the relationships all of them have with theorist R. Buckminster Fuller and with punk music, “Tomorrow” is set in and around North Branch.

Ellen Burstyn on ‘House of Tomorrow,’ bad horror movies and why #MeToo is 'the biggest thing that's happened in my life' | Newsweek | April 27, 2018
When Ellen Burstyn was a rising movie star in the 1970s, she struck up an unlikely friendship with the eccentric architect and visionary Buckminster Fuller, who was then in his 70s. So it was a fortuitous coincidence when Burstyn, now 85, was asked to appear in the film, "The House of Tomorrow," based on English professor Peter Bognanni’s novel of the same name.

Punk rock blows teen's mind in 'The House of Tomorrow' | Los Angeles Times | April 26, 2018
Writer/director Peter Livolsi's directorial debut "The House of Tomorrow," adapted from English professor Peter Bognanni's novel, uses the philosophy and beliefs of architect, designer, inventor and geodesic dome enthusiast Buckminster Fuller as the backdrop of a coming-of-age story soundtracked to classic punk. The film opens in the Twin Cites May 25th. The Macalester connection continues with the film's producer, alumnus Tarik Karam, who graduated in 2001.

'House of Tomorrow' Chronicles Coming of Age in Buckminster Fuller Dome | Architectural Record | April 26, 2018
A feature film based on a young adult novel is undoubtedly an abnormal place for an architecture conversation. But a teen-driven coming-of-age movie and its YA source material? Certainly among the last places you’d expect to find the influence of Buckminster Fuller. And yet, here’s "The House of Tomorrow," writer-director Peter Livolsi’s adaptation of English professor Peter Bognanni’s 2010 book, now in limited release, and opening in the Twin Cites May 25th. The Macalester connection continues with the film's producer, alumnus Tarik Karam, who graduated in 2001.

New Release: Director Peter Livolsi's Talks 'The House of Tomorrow' | FORBES | April 20, 2018
English professor Peter Bognanni's book, "The House of Tomorrow," is a coming of age story about friendship, punk, health — and futurist Buckminster Fuller. The film is written and directed by Peter Livolsi and adapted from the eponymous book by Bognanni. It follows Sebastian, a sheltered teen who lives with his grandmother, inside a geodesic dome. The film opens in the Twin Cites May 25th.

Writers@Grinnell: Marlon James | The Scarlet & Black | April 5, 2018
English professor Marlon James was Grinnell's distinguished author this year for Writers@Grinnell. He spoke with a reporter from the student newspaper, "The Scarlet & Black," about writing and reading.