What are English Alums involved in?

Spoken Word

Button Poetry

Dylan Garity ’12 Vice President
Spencer Brownstein ’18 Video Editor and Social Media Assistant

Written Word

Miriam Elisabeth Moore ’19
Poetry: seeds published by Verbaleyze Press.

Hannah Rasmussen ’14
Young Adult: Good News About Gender: A Bible Study for Young Adults published by Christians for Biblical Equality.

Anna Waggener ’12
Adult Fiction: Grim published by Scholastic Press.

Kate Willingham ’11
Poetry: Unlikely Designs published by University of Chicago Press.

Jeremy Meckler ’11
Film Analysis with Matt Levine: Still Dots by Colpa Books.

Lara Avery ’10
Young Adult Fiction: Anything but Ordinary, The Memory Book and A Million Miles Away.

Georgia Faust ’08
Poetry: Too Big to Fail published by Metatron.

Jesse Sawyer ’07
Fiction: Sunset Riders printed by Bookmobile.

Peter Bognanni ’01
Fiction: The House of Tomorrow published by Berkley Books.
Movie: The House of Tomorrow from Shout! Factory Studio.
Young Adult Fiction: Things I’m Seeing Without You published by Dial Books.

Amy Thielen ’97
Memoir: Give a Girl a Knife published by Clarkson/Potter.

Bao Phi ’97
Poetry books: Sông I Sing and Thousand Star Hotel published by Coffee House Press.
Children’s book: A Different Pond published by Capstone.

Stephen Drury Smith ’82
Non-fiction: The First Lady of Radio: Eleanor Roosevelt’s Historic Broadcasts published by The New Press.

Past English majors include many notable authors including Tim O’Brien ’68, Charles Baxter ’69, and Mary Karr ’76 as well as the published authors listed above. English majors also pursue careers in a variety of areas such as academia, teaching, publishing, marketing, law, non-profit administration, and social service.

Where are Mac English majors now?

Claire Dee ‘18 Teaching English in France.

Brian Fox ‘18 Post Baccalaureate Position in the Macalester Theater Department – Sets.

Ariana Hones ‘18 Youth Development Specialist with the Peace Corps in Morocco.

Colby King ’18 Teaching fellow at Kipp Academy in Massachusetts.

Kaia Lund ‘18 Finance Director for Radinovich for Congress, Minnesota.

Morgan Malatesta ‘18 (Chicago, IL) Americorps Scholar Coach with the Schuler Scholar Program in Chicago.

Tracy Pham ‘18 Neighborhood House Children’s Activities Coordinator.

Ava Bindas ‘17 (Minneapolis, MN) PhD in English Literature at University California, Davis.

Austin Burrows ’17 (Sacramento, CA) Cardiology Internship at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, Mass.

Ginny Lee ’17 (Washington, MI) assistant language teacher through Japan Exchange and Teaching Program.

Beenish Riaz ’17 (Karachi, Pakistan) will attend law school at NYU.

Nathan Are ’16 is the interim director at Family Ministries in New York.

Nicole Emanuel ’16 is working at Wild Scoops in Alaska and applying to grad school.

Aparna Mazumdar ’16 (New Delhi, India) is a teaching at Teaching Assistant Program in France.

Alexandra McLaughlin ’16 (Rosemount, Minn.) is pursuing an MFA at Georgia College and State University, Milledgeville, Ga.

Kacie Reilly ’16 (Omaha, Neb.) is pursuing an MA in classics at the University of Colorado–Boulder.

Sarah Richman ’16 (Bethesda, Md.) is a MANGO Fellow.

Amanda Zimmerman ‘16 is a paralegal at a law firm in Wayzata, MN.

Alexander Ropes ’16  is doing research on PTSD at JJP VA in the Bronx.