The Thomas E. Critchett Fund supports projects, guest visits, and activities of literature students at Macalester. Thomas Critchett ’79 earned a degree in English from Macalester and died an untimely death in 1990. Each year we honor his spirit by using his bequest in this way.

Critchett Fund Initiatives for English Majors and Minors:
Critchett Fund Capstone Support Funding:

What: Support for English Major’s Capstone work.

Funding: Students can purchase books/access to online materials to support research for their Capstone work (up to $50 total per major).

Proposals: Accepted on a rolling basis for the student while enrolled in their Capstone course.

Capstone Support Form


Critchett Fund Reading Groups:

What: Support for student-run Reading Groups.

Aim: To enrich intellectual community among and for English majors and minors and others.

Funding: Students select the book; Critchett fund provides copies. Snack and beverage funds reimbursable upon request. Non-tenure-track faculty honorarium available, when appropriate.

Proposals: Accepted on a rolling basis with priority dates of October 1st for fall groups, February 1st for spring groups.

Call for Proposals-Critchett Fund Reading Groups

Critchett Fund Reading Group Guidelines

Critchett Fund Reading Group Proposal Form – please email the English department to have it sent to you.


Writing Workshops for English Honors, Independent Study, and Capstone Students: 

Aim: To foster a writing community among and for students who do not have the structured space of the classroom to do that for them. 

Expenses: Snacks and beverages will be available upon request.

Participation: Notify the English department office of your interest in participating.


Critchett Fund Application for English Alumni:

To help defray the expenses of applying to graduate school, especially English, comparative literature, creative writing, and English/education, with a limit of $300 per student. To apply, print and fill out the Critchett Fund Graduate School Application Fee Reimbursement Form, attach your receipts and a brief written statement of your graduate school goals (which may be a copy of the Personal Statement you used for your applications) and submit to the department coordinator. Applications must be submitted during the same academic year in which you are applying for graduate programs, and the deadline for submissions is March 1 of that year. You can apply for reimbursement up to two years after graduation, but you may not request this support if you have already been reimbursed for applications made in a prior year. Proposals will be considered as funding is available.


Guidelines for Proposals for Honors Projects:

We invite students to complete Critchett Fund Proposals for specific projects to help defray expenses of honors projects, such as hardware like cameras or recording equipment, or for travel. Complete a Critchett Fund proposal describing your project, what you need and why, and the amount you are requesting. Equipment belongs to the department after the student has finished working with it. Make four copies of your proposal; make sure your name and contact information is on it; leave the copies in the mailbox of the departmental chairman in the English Department office. Proposals will be considered as funding is available.

Critchett Fund Proposal Form