Assistant Professor, English
Modernism; 20th/21st-century British literature; Irish studies; Caribbean and diasporic literature; Visual culture and art history; Art theory; Material culture; Gender, sexuality, and feminism

Old Main, 206

Amy E. Elkins teaches courses on modern and contemporary British/Irish literature and visual culture.  She is particularly interested in the shared evolution of British art and literary history in the recent century.  As a result, her research asks how distinctions emerged between fine art and craft, folk, and urban forms. At the same time, she looks closely at how those distinctions disintegrate at particular moments and in particular places.  In thinking about the development of artistic media and processes (i.e. sculpture, assemblage, manual photography, etc.) alongside the emergence of new literary forms and techniques, her research investigates textual production in both aesthetic and practical registers.  In her book project, Crafting Modernity, Elkins explores the history of art and craft media as an important site of social critique in 20th-21st century literature from the U.K. and Caribbean.  She historicizes art-making as it intersects with new technologies, literary experimentation, post-colonial identity, human rights, and feminist critique.  She also examines the role of archives and hybrid texts with an eye to preservation, transnational circulation, and gendered visual histories.

Areas of Study

  • Modernism
  • 20th/21st-century British literature
  • Irish studies
  • Caribbean and diasporic literature
  • Visual and material culture
  • Art theory
  • History of art and craft
  • Gender, sexuality, and feminism
  • Nonviolence

Fall 2018 Courses

  • ENGL 137-01 Novel: On Beauty (FYC)
  • ENGL 341-01 20th Century British Novel: The British Multicultural Novel



“A Stitch in Time: H.D.’s Craft Modernism as Transhistoric Repair, The Space Between: Literature and Culture 1914-1945 12 (2016): online.

“Cross-Cultural Kodak: Snapshot Aesthetics in the Fiction of Virginia Woolf,” South Atlantic Review 77.3&4 (2012): 1-20.

“Old Pages and New Readings in Virginia Woolf’s Orlando,” Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature 29.1 (Spring 2010): 131-36.

Book reviews:

“Touching on Modernism,” Review Essay of Haptic Modernism: Touch and the Tactile in Modernist Writing by Abbie Garrington, Journal of Modern Literature 38.1 (Fall 2014): 183-89.

Review of Savina Stevanato, Visuality and Spatiality in Virginia Woolf’s Fiction, Woolf Studies Annual 19 (2013): 274-77.

Selected talks:

“The Craft of Survival,” American Craft Council Library Salon Series, Spring 2017.

“Modernism Across the Arts” Roundtable, Modernist Studies Association Conference, Fall 2016.

“Multimedia/Multicultural: Art, Literary Craft, and Disorientation in the Political Present,” Emory University Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry Fellows’ Luncheon, November 2015.

“Crafty Women: Art, Protest, and the Politics of Making in 20th Century Literature,” Emory University Women’s Club, October 2015.

“Mina Loy in the Age of Occupy: Trash Assemblage and the Aesthetics of Nonviolent Protest.” Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present, September 2015.

“Mother(board) Ireland: Technology, Nature, and Gender in Irish Literature.” Modernist Studies Association Conference, November 2014.

“Fractured Optics: Modernism’s Glass Aesthetic.” Modernist Studies Association Conference, August 2013.

“Elizabeth Bowen’s Haunted Cartographies: The Cuala Press and the Visible Wor(l)d of Irish Politics in Seven Winters.” American Conference for Irish Studies, February 2013.


Ph.D. Emory University

M.A. University of Virginia

B.A. Hendrix College



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