Assistant Professor, English
Welsh literature, the Global Middle Ages, Silk Roads art and literature, "medieval" movies, trans/gender/sexuality studies, history of race.

Old Main 213

Coral Lumbley teaches classes on the weird and wonderful literature of the global Middle Ages (about 500-1500 AD). These classes take an interdisciplinary approach, incorporating visual art and architecture, the history of social identities (such as gender and ethnicity), linguistic studies, and religious conflict. With Professor Lumbley, you might learn to recite ancient poetry in a Celtic language, sketch the palaces of the Great Khans of Mongolia, and use word history to deconstruct the gender binary.
Dr. Lumbley has published extensively on medieval English and Welsh literature, the histories of race/ethnicity/colonialism in Britain, and the history of immigration in Britain. Her/their manuscript-in-progress is titled Racialization and Resistance in Medieval England and Wales: Ecological Imperialism and England’s First Colony.

Areas of study

  • Welsh literature
  • The Global Middle Ages
  • Silk Roads art and literature
  • “Medieval” movies
  • Trans/gender/sexuality studies
  • History of race

Fall 2024 Courses

  • ENGL 294-02 Movie Medievalisms
  • ENGL 401-01 Projects in Literary Research: Medieval Trans/Formations